When Will ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Return?

7 Little Johnstons fans are well aware that each year, two seasons arrive. However, no announcement arrived that a 14th season is on the go. Nevertheless, TLC fans really hope for it because Liz Johnston and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden are expecting their first child together.

7 Little Johnstons Seasons Seem Regular And Back-To-Back

Jaded fans who call for the end of the TLC show suddenly hope for Season 14. Actually, it seems wild that TLC might not bring a season that follows the story of the baby that Liz and Brice expect in November. After all, renewed interest could see the ratings soar. In the past, people became bored because it seemed that production scratched for stories.

7 Little Johnstons usually has two seasons every year and the gap between them isn’t that long. So, they often seem to run back-to-back. Season 13 quickly followed Season 12, and despite rumors of a split between Brice and Liz, the show didn’t reveal anything about that. In fact, the last season showed Brice and Liz house-hunting

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7 Little Johnstons Family Is Filming?

According to In Touch Weekly, Amber Johnston dished that the family is filming for Season 14. Historically, one season comes mid-year with the second one following later. Usually, that happens between August and December. However, October or November seems to be more common. With Liz expecting her baby in November, perhaps there might be a December premiere. Mind you, it could come earlier and cover the pregnancy itself.

7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden – TLC Instagram

7 Little Johnstons could actually spread the baby news over another two seasons. In fact, the child opens the possibility for many more seasons to come. Hopefully, that happens as fans tire of watching Trent and Amber TikTokking and spicing up their marriage. With the adult kids leaving home, it’s not so much fun to watch these days.

A Little People Show Renewing Would Be Good?

The Little Couple ended up canceled, and it’s not clear if a new season will come after Season 25 of Little People, Big World. If 7 Little Johnstons ends after Season 14, that will mark the end of Matt Roloff’s dream to educate people about the challenges faced by people with achondroplasia.

While more seasons were not greenlit, possibly TLC might also bring out a wedding special. Plenty of people agree that there’s no way that Trent Johnston will allow Brice to get away with not doing the right thing. Actually, some fans think that they probably already tied the knot ahead of the arrival of the brand-new baby.

What are your thoughts about the next season of the TLC show? Do you hope that it covers the pregnancy of LIz Johnston? Do you agree it will possibly come in November or December? Shout out in the comments below and come back often for more news about 7 Little Johnstons on TLC.

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