‘DWTS’ Harry Jowsey & Rylee Arnold Hint At Their Romance?

Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey is competing for the championship on Dancing With The Stars with pro dancer Rylee Arnold. But is there more to their friendship than meets the eye?

Showmances on DWTS are incredibly common. But sometimes pro dancers go on to date their celebrity partners. Britt Stewart and Daniel Durant fell in love last season and are still together today.

After spotting Harry and Rylee together at a concert, many fans think the pair are romantically involved. But what did they have to say about their relationship?

Harry Jowsey & Rylee Arnold are a very close pair

In between rehearsals, many DWTS cast members hang out together. Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold went to a concert in Los Angeles with some of the other contestants.

But some fans couldn’t help but notice that Harry and Rylee held hands while they navigated through a crowd. Is this a sign of something deeper?

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

ET caught up with the Dancing With The Stars contestants to talk about their alleged romance. Although they didn’t get any concrete answers, it’s clear there are sparks between the pair.

“We just enjoy hanging out and we love each other, so it’s been great,” Harry told the publication. Rylee readily agreed as Harry noted they really want to keep some mystery to it.

However, the pair definitely love receiving support from the fanbase.

“I love it and it’s so fun. We can definitely use support and the votes. We just love everybody that’s supporting us and we’re having so much fun together,” Rylee added.

The Too Hot To Handle star went on to say that Rylee really puts him at ease on the dance floor.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

“Last week I was freaking out. I was nervous, my legs were shaking, but she just made me feel comfortable and excited… She is the best,” he said.

If they are indeed dating, it appears that they want to keep things to themselves for now.

What’s in store for week three?

This week will be Motown Night on Dancing With The Stars. The Season 32 cast members are hard at work in rehearsals. Although Harry suffered a toe injury and Rylee was hospitalized due to an allergic reaction, it seems like they plan to perform on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the pair will perform the Foxtrot to “Easy” by Commodores. Harry and Rylee have been near the bottom of the leaderboard each week, but it’s clear they’re improving. As the competition heads into its third week, they may still have a chance to make it to the finale.

Are you voting for Harry and Rylee? Do you hope they’re dating? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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