Livid Jax Taylor Storms Off Flight, Holds Up Passengers

A very livid Jax Taylor supposedly stormed off of a flight and proceeded to hold up passengers who had places to go. This did not sit well with any of them and made its way to a Reddit thread. So, what exactly happened during all of this? Read on for the details on the airplane situation.

Livid Jax Taylor Storms Off Flight, Holds Up Passengers

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Jax Taylor thinks that he is the number one guy in the group. He has always had a complex where he believed that he was more important. This was evident when he was preparing to wed his now-wife, Brittany Cartwright. He expected all of his friends to drop what they were doing and some even called it the summer of Jax. In the end, the wedding went off without a hitch but he and Brittany departed the show after Season 8. Since then, he has been working on different ventures, one of them being the E! show, House of Villains.

Jax-YouTubeLooks like he was making enemies out of the passengers on a recent flight, according to Dexerto. It seems that Jax Taylor was aboard a JetBlue flight when he discovered his overhead light was broken. This escalated into a very angry Jax who threw a tantrum, leading the flight to be held up for over two hours. He did exit the plane but a whole thread was started with passengers discussing this disastrous experience. One Redditor detailed it perfectly:

“I was on that plane. We were supposed to land at about 10am. This douchenozzle had to pitch enough of a fit that we ended up 2-1/2 hours late, making me late to the music festival I was headed to. And this was with worries that the torrential rainfall in NYC that morning would delay us, yet we were actually departing a few minutes early because everyone ELSE was helpful and easygoing.”

Another shared that Jax Taylor was in the MINT section and the plane had already begun pulling out when he drew attention to the light. The captain soon announced they had to return to the gate as one passenger could not fly. Not only did they have to return to the gate but Jax’s luggage had to be retrieved.

More To The Story

Jax Taylor has not said anything about this debacle but he will be on WWHL Thursday, October 12th. Therefore, Andy Cohen may ask him about his plane incident. At this point, the biggest question is why he was not just thrown off of the plane for bad behavior, and was it really all over a light? Time will tell and hopefully fans will get to hear his side, too.

Do you think that Jax threw a fit over an overhead light and held up the plane for more than two hours with an included dramatic exit> Let us know in the comments below and watch House Of Villains Thursdays on E!

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