‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Matador Meggings

There is a new athletic apparel company that is coming to Shark Tank this week called Matador Meggings. This is a unique men’s athletic wear that has a similar approach to leggings for women.

Here is a look at Matador Meggings and where you can buy it after seeing it on Shark Tank.

What are Matador Meggings on Shark Tank?

Matador Meggings is a new men’s athletic wear that has been getting some attention since it was introduced. The entire idea here is to re-engineer leggings to work with the male anatomy. Valentine Aseyo is who designed the product while he was training to become a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. He noticed that all the women in the room had yoga pants, but the men had nothing similar.

Valentine became the designer, developer, marketer, and more of his new clothing line. While he said he is a first-time entrepreneur, he also has a business history at companies like Facebook and IBM. The name of the product comes from the Spanish bullfighting matadors, who all wore tight pants that were snug but didn’t restrict their movement. That was the idea here.

These are made to be high-performance leggings for men. The crotch cup is made of soft material to remain modest but also offer support. The fabric used is both durable and sweat-wicking. This keeps the user comfortable as well as dry during intense workouts. The pants also come with an inner drawstring, modesty pad, phone pocket, zipper pocket, and a t-shirt/towel loop. The design also brings in sport stripes that mimic the horns of a bull, based on its inspiration.

Where to buy Matador Meggings from Shark Tank

Anyone who sees the Matador Meggings on Shark Tank can get a pair through the company’s website at matadormeggings.com. However, be prepared because these are not inexpensive.

A pair of Matador Meggings runs between $89.90 and $91.90 each. There are different designs as well on the website. These include the Muertos Meggings, Black Meggings, Arrow Meggings, Reverse Arrow Meggings, and Navy Blue Meggings. The Black and Navy Blue are basic designs and the other three have colorful patterns.

There are also shorts offered that run $70 each. They are also in the same designs as the Meggings with an addition of Grey Camo Shorts. A new customer can also get 10% off their first order by giving up their email address to the company. Finally, they are also offering wholesale opportunities, so there is a chance it could end up in stores one day.

Shark Tank is on every week on ABC at 8/7c.

Do you think that Matador Meggings has what it takes to succeed as an athletic apparel company? Was it worth the shark’s investment on Shark Tank this week? Let us know your thoughts on this company in the comments below.

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