Has Lydia Plath Taken Over Homeschooling The Children?

Welcome To Plathville fans ponder whether Lydia Plath took over homeschooling the younger kids after her mom went off with Ken Palmer. Actually, it’s not the first time that TLC fans discussed the possibility, but time moved on and some family dynamics changed.

Lydia Plath Helped Her Siblings With Schooling

Fifteen months ago, TLC fans saw that Ethan questioned his own education. Actually, Kim really didn’t prepare him for life as an adult. So, he fiddles with old cars, which really seems more like a hobby than a career. At least Micah was able to land a decent job, but that was mainly thanks to Olivia and his good looks rather than his standard of education. Well, after Kim split from Barry, fans thought that she did even less schooling.

At one stage, Welcome to Plathville fans saw Lydia Plath helping out her siblings with their math. In the background, the next daughter down, Amber Plath was busy cooking the family dinner. Clearly, there’s no free ride in Barry’s house. Maybe that’s why Moriah took off seeking a more interesting life. Right now, she seems emotionally troubled, so it’s unlikely that she schools the little kids.

Moriah went 0 to 60. She’s always been annoying, but she’s scary weird now.
Olivia was clearly blindsided too, and when she gives an honest and vulnerable interview amidst it all, Moriah loses her GD mind.
The Plath reaction… I’m guessing tax fraud.#WelcomeToPlathville

— Human 269 (@AmytotheO) September 30, 2023

Is Lydia Plath Still Homeschooling The Kids?

Moriah’s younger sister seems to be very devout and spent a good deal of the summer on a Christian outreach mission across the USA. She also records songs and might be working in a jewelry shop. At one stage, she was thought to be working at a bank. So, given her own lack of formal education, she’s unlikely to make a great career success unless her music takes off.

Welcome To Plathville – Lydia Plath on her Christian mission – Instagram

Discussing Lydia Plath homeschooling the kids, on Reddit, u/ProofPrize1134 said, “Since we know Kim moved to Florida to shack up with Ken the pilot, are we to assume she’s given up on the homeschooling? And on this week’s ep (before FL in real time) she talked about going to the house ‘once a week.” Next, they wondered, “Has Lydia just fully taken over the homeschooling? Or are they schooling themselves?”

Amber Plath Might Be Teaching The Young Kids?

Lydia Plath might not be schooling the younger children. Some people hope that Barry sent them to a real school, but that seems unlikely. So, a follower opined, “The “little girls” are old enough to kind of look after themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if the oldest of the 3 (Amber?) is taking the place of Lydia. We all know Kim isn’t doing sh-t.”

So, what do you think about fans thinking that perhaps Amber Plath, rather than Lydia Plath might be homeschooling her younger siblings? Do you feel that Kim and Barry did wrong by the kids? After all, they both had college educations. Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Welcome to Plathville stars.

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