Nic Kerdiles’ Fans Have Questions On Fateful Night

Nic Kerdiles passed away in the last week of September, and tragically, he was only 29, but fans question a few things about the fateful accident. The former pro hockey player died when his motorbike collided with a vehicle in Nashville. As he occasionally appeared in a TV show named Chrisley Knows Best, fans of the show raised a few questions on social media. 

Nic Kerdiles Crashed His Motoricye In The Dead of Night

When TMZ reported the death of the former hockey player, people really hoped that it might be yet another death hoax. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and sadness set in as more details emerged. Before his death, the son of Nathalie De Larminat-Kerdiles and Michel Kerdiles had posted a photo of the bike that he was riding. A few hours later, at about 3:30 a.m., he rode his bike through a stop sign and collided with a car.

Nic Kerdiles died but no family tributes appeared on social media, or in the mainstream press. His sister, Marine commented on social media about an article by E! News, and the company where he worked shared a tribute to him. Of course, hockey teams also shared tributes. But those who wanted to pay their respects with donations were unable to do so.

Respected Ice Hockey Player Nic Kerdiles Laid To Rest

— MSN Sports (@MSNSports) October 6, 2023

Nic Kerdiles Fans Question Why He Was Out So Late

People who liked the one-time reality TV support character discussed his death on a Reddit page about Chrisley Knows Best. One question that arose was the lack of obituaries or places to send donations. For many people, it’s not unusual to reach out in some way. Actually, it’s only natural that people who either knew him or knew of him would like to do something respectful.

Nic Kerdiles at work as a real estate agent – Instagram-

Nic Kerdiles‘ family mostly remained silent and their privacy seems understandable. However, another question asked by Redditor u/Necessary_Light9581, read: “Does anyone know where Nic was going at 3:30 in the morning? Where I live you won’t see anyone out at 3:30 in the morning. I’ve been out that early and literally have driven past stop sign after stop sign and never had anyone that would be at the stop sign at the same time. That just seems really odd.”

Nashville Is Party City?

Those who know Nashville, the city in which Nic Kerdiles lived, mostly agreed that it’s not a sleepy hollow these days. One person wrote, “Nashville has become a town that doesn’t sleep honestly. There’s always activities going on or just hanging out in general.”

Another person said, “Lots of cities are hopping all night. Nashville is a party town. Too bad he was out and about though. I liked what I knew of him. RIP.”

Next, a third person noted, “I don’t think it’s that odd at all. Nashville is also a party city. Things are still open and happening late at night. He wasn’t too far from downtown and near a main road. He was probably just riding around. He’s young, doesn’t have any kids, and was probably just enjoying a late night ride.”

Did you hope that the family of Nic Kerdiles would open a donor page so fans could help with cash and gifts? After all, plenty of hockey fans would have probably liked to do what little they could for the bereaved family. Did you know that Nashville seems to have become a round-the-clock party city? On a side note, he wasn’t inebriated. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back here for everything related to news about Chrisley Knows Best.

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