‘Sister Wives’ Who Showed Up For Christine Brown’s Big Day?

Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown and David Woolley tied the knot on Saturday, October 7th. Yet, who from her family showed up for the big day? Some familiar faces have been reposting the People article of her and David but were they actually in attendance? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Who Showed Up For Christine Brown’s Big Day?

It was everything that Christine Brown had dreamt of and more. She had her first legal wedding with the man of her dreams, David Woolley. After years of being unappreciated by Kody Brown, Christine finally found her forever. When she initially left the plural family, she had no idea what was next for her, and in a recent episode, she met with a matchmaker. However, by Valentine’s Day 2023, she was showing off her new love and then, they were happily engaged. 330 guests watched them exchange vows but who from her Sister Wives family showed up?

Sister Wives Christine Brown is Married. This brought a gigantic smile to my face. I always thought she could do much better. Look at her smile. Had to get away from a narcissist to appreciate the finer things in life. Good for her. https://t.co/wpE2weDowz

— Rose (@901Lulu) October 8, 2023

According to People, only Janelle Brown was there for the nuptials. As for whether or not all six of Janelle’s children and their respective partners attended, that is unknown. Many of them have credited Christine will raising them as their mother was working long hours. This can be seen in Season 1 when Janelle was up at the crack of dawn and returned home when the sun had set. Yet, she admitted that she was not meant for homemaker life. As for Christine, she thrived in it and was a mom to all.

See Which ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Came to Christine Brown’s Wedding — And Who Didn’t (Exclusive) https://t.co/j8BW4ZEnOI

— People (@people) October 8, 2023

It was not a surprise that Janelle was there as Christine Brown let David know from the get-go that she was part of the package. “When I told him, I’m like, ‘I have a lot of kids and I have a sister wife, and everywhere I go, Janelle has to come with me and all of her children come with me too. There’s not just me.’ And he’s like, ‘Okay. Okay.’”

Not Invited

It is not a surprise that Christine Brown’s ex-husband, Kody Brown, and his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown were not in attendance. However, it is questionable if Christine extended an invite to her former sister wife, Meri Brown and she declined. Meri’s brother, Adam had just passed away so that could be why she did not come. Why would she be invited? They all seemed to get along for Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown’s big day in July so it would not be unfounded for Meri to get an invite.

Are you excited to see more from the wedding? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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