Caitlyn Jenner Reveals If She Is Single Or Dating, Future Plans

Former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and Olympian, Caitlyn Jenner is opening up about her personal life. She has had a few failed marriages which is not uncommon in Hollywood. So, what is her current status, and what are her plans for the future? Read on for more details.

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals If She Is Single Or Dating, Future Plans

After being married twice, Caitlyn Jenner believed the third time was a charm when she wed Kris Jenner. Unfortunately, that was not the case as the two called it quits in 2015 when Caitlyn decided to transition. Once their marriage came to an end, it appeared that her new love was Sophia Hutchins as they were spotted out everywhere. Furthermore, they seemed to really get along and be more than friends. However, Caitlyn has since maintained that they are nothing more than friends. So, what is going on in Cait’s love life and is there anything exciting to report?

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According to TMZ, Caitlyn spoke to The Times about her romantic future. It seems that she is currently embracing the single life. So, is she on the search for her next great love? Apparently not and she might never be on the hunt again. “I’m fine. I’m not even close to looking for a relationship. I’ll never have a relationship in the future. I just don’t see that in my life. I am not looking for that,” she predicted for herself. She went on to add that it is fine for her because she has her pups.

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It is not just her pups that will keep her happy and occupied. She noted that she has a large family so she is always welcomed somewhere. “Every night of the week I could go to somebody’s house and have dinner,” Caitlyn pointed out. She has six children plus her four stepchildren, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob Kardashian. Though she has no more contact with Kris Jenner, she still has her Jenner children that she is very much in touch with.

Past Life

Prior to transitioning, Caitlyn Jenner had been married to Chrystie Crownover for nine years before marrying Linda Thompson. Thompson is best known for being one of Elvis Presley’s girlfriends and a famous songwriter. They were only together for five years and then, in 1991, Caitlyn wed Kris Jenner which lasted until 2015.

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Kris has since moved on with Corey Gamble and wedding rumors have been floating around for some time. He appears on The Kardashians and they seem quite happy together. As for Caitlyn, she has found her sweet spot with her daily activities and animal snuggles.

Are you shocked that Caitlyn wants to remain single? Do you think that it will last? Let us know in the comments below.

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