Christine Brown Shows Massive Support For Gay Community

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is showing massive support for the gay community. She was very open when her daughter, Gwendlyn Brown revealed she was bisexual. In fact, she claimed she had known for years. Now, a new image has resurfaced of the mother of six showing how much she cares for all people. Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Shows Massive Support For Gay Community

It is no secret that Christine Brown has supported her children in whatever they wanted to do. She was right there for her daughter, Ysabel Brown, making sure she had insurance for her scoliosis surgery. Christine also defied her husband, Kody Brown, and took her from Flagstaff to New Jersey during the pandemic. He wanted Ysabel to postpone the surgery but he had no idea the pain that she was in. Therefore, Christine ignored his wishes and took her girls to the East Coast for the procedure. That is how she is.

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More so, she was completely accepting of her daughter, Gwendlyn coming out as bisexual and was there the entire time she was engaged and planning her wedding. Now, a Reddit thread is showing Christine’s unwavering support for the gay community. A fan was attempting to find additional photos of Christine and David Woolley’s wedding which took place on Saturday, October 7th. Instead, they found Christine Brown officiating a same-sex wedding between two men.

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The OP wrote: “Also, I think it’s kind of cool that it was a gay wedding, further signaling her support for the gay community (she’s not just “accepting” her kids but rather celebrates the larger community).” Other Redditors further chimed in. “Wow, wedding celebrant would be such a perfect career for Christine. She’d be amazing at it,” one noted. Another added: “Christine is just such an angel. I love her.” One pointed out that they believed these men were at her wedding while many suggested she looked like her youngest, Truely there.

Her Own Big Day

In front of over 300 people, Christine Brown and David Woolley officially became man and wife. This was a huge deal as fans have been waiting for this moment. They are beyond thrilled for her to have moved on from her ex-husband, Kody Brown. She has proudly declared that she is divorced and now she has a fresh start. In the current season of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown is still trying to decide what she wants to do with Kody. She has said she wants to be separated for good but still claims she misses him.

Are you surprised to see Christine Brown as a wedding officiant? Do you think that this is a career she should consider pursuing? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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