Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 12 Spoilers: A Favor for Kumu Turns Dangerous for Private Eyes

Two big questions need to be answered as Magnum P.I. faces what’s likely to be its final ten episodes.

When did its producers find out the end was coming? It was announced to the public in late June, but those involved with the series had to know long before that.

And did that give them any opportunity to tie storylines up at all? Since all of its episodes were in the can when NBC decided to divide the season into two ten-episode blocks, probably not.

When Stephen Hill (T.C.) did an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic in mid-April, he remained optimistic about the show’s future.

“I want to go ten seasons,” he said then. “I’ll take all the seasons I can get. I love it here in Hawaii.” Who wouldn’t?

Right before CBS lowered the axe on the series after the fourth season, its creators provided a season finale with the feel of a series finale on Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 20, which features Thomas and Juliet admitting their feelings to each other.

Could they have had the foresight to write such an episode again? We’ll have to wait another couple of months to get that answer. You know, during a finale buried in the holiday season.

NBC’s short-term rental

But that kind of misstep has been typical of NBC’s handling of Magnum.

Yes, the network deserves credit for rescuing the show after CBS shockingly dropped it after four seasons.

Magnum earned respectable ratings on Fridays on The Eye. But there was a good reason for that. The other networks put up nothing noteworthy against it.

NBC opted to place Magnum on Sunday night, when every broadcast network, cable channel, and streaming service trotted out its best offerings. Magnum is enjoyable, scenic escapism, but it’s never going to take home Emmys.

Not surprisingly, the series’ ratings suffered as a result. And, killing any momentum it may have been building, NBC chose to go with a midseason cliffhanger after Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 10. It was off into limbo once again.

Holding the remaining ten episodes for this season made business sense because of the looming writers’ and actors’ strikes.

By withholding shows and rushing series into early production, NBC has scripted programming this fall, which can’t hurt its often anemic ratings. It’s thankfully not all reality, all the time.

Back to the final stretch

So, have all the changes on the TV horizon meant for Magnum? After Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 11, the first episode of the final ten, it’s difficult to feel any sense of urgency that “the end is near.”

Amid a pregnancy scare, Magnum and Higgins took on an unlikely client, an anonymous hitman seeking to protect an orphaned 12-year-old girl.

It resulted in yet another pro bono case, with a dead client and a rescued minor, who, granted, figures to inherit millions but who they would never bill.

It’s good that they squat on a palatial estate because they never get paid.

What may have been foreshadowing was their discussions about Juliet becoming pregnant. After talking it out, neither of them appeared too shaken by the idea. So maybe that storyline will get revisited later in the season.

Always Loyal Kumu

In Wednesday’s episode at 9/8c on NBC, Thomas and Juliet do a favor for Kumu, investigating the scammer who ripped off the life savings of her friend, single mother Ying.

After spending the last episode providing emotional support for T.C., Kumu figures to move to the forefront in this episode, as she’s proven fiercely loyal to her friends and her causes.

Based on a publicity photo, it appears that, once again, the private eyes walk into the wrong place at the wrong time. It wouldn’t be Magnum without one of those “oops” moments.

Also, they’ve got a socially relevant case, pursuing a scammer who has taken advantage of a senior. And the big mystery will be who is behind these ripoffs.

T.C.’s Uphill Struggle

The only ongoing storyline addressed in the last episode was the only one with which most fans are concerned: How’s T.C. doing after being shot and paralyzed on last April’s cliffhanger?

One of T.C.’s toes twitched while he chowed down on smuggled-in burgers with Shammy and Kumu.

That seemed a bit sudden in the rehab process. Here’s hoping that the powers that be will be realistic regarding his recovery.

Also, T.C. has always been the strong, silent type. So if he regresses in rehab, he figures to close in on himself and shut out his friends and relatives, which certainly won’t help him progress.

Rick’s Romance Dilemma

Rick made a new friend in the last episode, Piper, a hot, young barnacle scraper (apparently, that’s a thing in Hawaii).

This was an unexpected twist as we’d all grown accustomed to Rick chasing after his disinterested baby mama, Suzy.

It had to be flattering to Rick that a younger woman showed an interest in him after months of being nicely rebuffed by his co-parent.

Does Rick take this intriguing opportunity in Piper, or does he present Suzy with an ultimatum first?

Magnum’s ratings improved with this move to Wednesday. The series does well with little competition, it seems.

So, is there any chance, any chance, that NBC or some other entertainment entity might give it one final look?

Check out the preview of Wednesday’s episode above, then come back for a review on Wednesday.

Do you hold out any hope for Magnum?

Or will you just enjoy the few episodes that remain?

Comment below.

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