Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 10-09-23: Toadie Finally Learns What’s Going On!

It’s about time that Toadie got a clue!

Toadie and Terese’s marriage seems strong enough to withstand Nell’s attempts at interference, but not if Terese keeps Nell’s bad behavior to herself.

And according to Neighbours spoilers for the week of 10-09-23, Toadie will be shocked to learn what’s been happening.

Secrets and lies are the heart of any soap opera, and Toadie’ll take it doubly hard that Terese kept a problem with his daughter secret from him.

Nell is his firstborn and the only piece of Sonya he has left. (Hugo was the result of an affair with a con artist who looked exactly like Toadie’s lost first wife, Dee — one of the few times that Neighbours has used the doppelganger trope that Days of Our Lives relies on constantly.)

So, Toadie’ll be aggravated for many reasons, not the least of which is that Terese interfered with his ability to parent Nell through her difficulty accepting that Melanie is gone for good.

It was one thing when Terese agreed to stay quiet as long as Nell dropped her campaign to sabotage the new marriage. But true to classic soap opera tropes, Nell made it clear she wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain and didn’t plan ever to accept Terese.

At that point, Terese had no reason to keep Nell’s behavior to herself. Ironically, this mistake could ruin her marriage with Toadie more than anything Nell’s adolescent brain could cook up.

Meanwhile, Nell seems to be the only one who has befriended JJ; the entire Varga-Murphy family is on the outs with the rest of Ramsey Street thanks to the misunderstanding over what happened to Wendy’s watch and Cara taking a job that Wendy thought was hers.

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Jane spirals as she deals with a devastating blow and the potential fallout of a close friendship.

Terese’s proposed new retirement home site is on the land currently belonging to the school, which means that the school may be closed.

This plan seems ill-thought-out — where are Erinsborough’s high school students supposed to get their education?

In any case, Jane takes it personally, and she and Terese may become enemies if neither of them is willing to back off their claim to the site.

Mackenzie goes far out of her comfort zone despite believing there’s no chance for her and Haz.

Mackenzie has been carefully hiding her feelings for Haz and pretending she’s a supportive friend who wants his new relationship to succeed.

The best way to resolve this is to tell Haz how she feels. He’s only dating Billie because he thinks Mackenzie isn’t available!

These two weren’t together, but Mackenzie’s relegating herself to the friend zone feels like a break-up for the sake of drama.

Hopefully, her new determination to push herself out of her comfort zone involves talking honestly with Haz rather than trying to get dirt on his new girlfriend or something else devious.

Paul makes a calculated move that has explosive consequences at Lassiters.

Paul may be a great businessman but is colossally bad at scheming! His brilliantly devious plans always have a fatal flaw that leads to everything blowing up in his face.

Something tells me that his next move, whatever it is, will land him deeper in trouble for a change.

Let’s hope this spoiler isn’t literal. Lassiters already blew up once, leading to the death of Terese’s son, Josh, and her father, Doug. And that was the second time the hotel had gone up in flames — in 2013, Toadie and Sonya’s wedding reception literally collapsed when a gas bottle exploded — and years before that, Paul caused a similar problem.

Harold has an extravagant plan.

Harold has a new lease on life now that he knows his medication was to blame for the memory issues that led to his friends rallying around him.

He has already expressed an interest in end-of-life planning to ensure he isn’t a burden to his family.

But what’s his next move? Whatever it is, Neighbours is sure to handle this realistic story with sensitivity.

Byron faces up to some hard truths.

Byron knows Paul is using him, but will he realize Reece is, too?

She’s only seducing him so that he’ll feed her facts about Paul’s latest plans.

If Byron finally wakes up to this, he might be disgusted with both Paul and Reece and question why he let himself fall into Reece’s trap after he’d already ended things with her.

After being dealt a devastating blow, Wendy dangerously takes matters into her own hands.

I don’t know what this means, but it can’t be good.

The Varga-Murphy family left Werribee partially because Cara had done some whistleblowing, and Cara and Remi continue to worry about the repercussions.

Will Wendy bring the troublemakers to town in the hopes that Cara will be forced to leave Ramsey Street?

Toadie is shocked upon the discovery of a deceit.

As discussed above, this most likely concerns Nell’s nonsense.

Toadie COULD find out about Terese’s development plans, too, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much of a dealbreaker.

This discovery will be the first serious test of his new marriage, far more so than Nell’s amateurish attempts at causing trouble.

The Varga-Murphys face a rocky start as they further ingrain themselves in the community.

This new family is not well-liked, thanks to JJ’s attempts to sneak into the Rodwells’ home and Cara taking the job Wendy wanted.

Wendy needs to get over it. Her rebuffed attempt at an apology about the watch doesn’t mean she has license to do whatever she wants to the newcomers.

In a small town like Erinsborough, rumors spread quickly, so other residents of the street might look down on the family, making life difficult for them.

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