Real Housewives of New York Season 14, Episode 13 Recap: Jessel Feels Bullied by the Mean Girls

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Last week on The Real Housewives of New York, Sai De Silva and Jessel Taank met for lunch. It didn’t go well. First of all, Jessel was over 40 minutes late, without so much as a text or a phone call of explanation. Who does that?

Second, Jessel came prepared with a story about her alcoholic uncle that she lived with when she first came to New York. She tried to relate it to Sai’s experience of her mother dying from alcoholism. Though I like Jessel and think she means well, her intentions missed the mark. As Jenna Lyons said later, “Your mom’s your mom.” There’s no comparing losing your mother to losing an uncle. I’m 100% with Jenna on this. Jessel, who still has her mother, should understand this.

The lunch ended with Sai telling Jessel, “I just don’t care.” It was rude, but that’s just how Sai is. Also, she’s lying because all she and Erin Lichy do is talk about Jessel. They talk about her marriage, her sex life, and Jessel’s husband Pavit’s trip to Vietnam. Step back, ladies. It’s none of your f*cking business.

Date night at Swingers @jesseltaank via Instagram

Erin, Sai and Jessel are having a group date night at a place called Swingers. It’s a swanky indoor mini-golf place that also serves food and drinks. Erin and Sai arrive first with their respective hubbies Abe and David. When Erin asks Sai if she’s spoken to Jessel since their lunch, Sai says, “I genuinely don’t care.” That’s bullsh*t, Sai. If you didn’t care, why are you still talking about her?

Next on the agenda, everyone started talking about Jessel and Pavit’s staycation, where their long drought reportedly came to an end. Seriously? Why are they all talking about Jessel’s personal business like this? My husband would be furious if I made our private business so public. It’s a betrayal of trust.

When Jessel and Pavit arrive, the subject of Pavit’s planned 24-hour trip to Vietnam resurfaces. They all believe he’s going for illicit reasons, but Pavit says it was a great deal, and he’ll get a ton of air miles they can use later as a family. He scored a first-class ticket, which usually goes for around $15,000, for only $900 – so he bought three of them. He’s already used two and has one left.

He’s looking forward to just sitting in first-class, drinking champagne, eating caviar, and being served great food. It’s a long flight, but he’ll enjoy the experience of being pampered all the way there and back. Once there, he’ll get his bánh mì sandwich, spend the night and come home. Where do I sign up?

Brynn stirs the pot Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Brynn Whitfield is over her bout with Covid. She and Jenna meet up at Jessel’s for drinks. Brynn says that Erin told her that at Swingers, Ubah Hassan asked each of the men why they married their spouse since Ubah can’t seem to keep a guy for more than three days.

“Erin said that Pavit said, ‘I like Jessel cause she lets me do whatever I want.’” That’s not what he said at all. What he actually said was, “It’s being able to do what you love with someone else, and they put up with your sh*t.”

Erin also said that Pavit wasn’t wearing his ring, and it was “weird.” Lots of men don’t wear a wedding ring. It doesn’t make them any less married. Ring or not, Jessel makes it clear that Pavit is her “f*cking best friend.”

When Jessel says it’s time for her to move on, Brynn disagrees. She thinks “moving on” is an excuse not to stand up for yourself. “How people treat you is a direct reflection of what you’ve given them permission to do,” Brynn says.

Brynn believes Sai and Erin don’t respect Jessel because she doesn’t stand up to them. She needs to tell Sai, “Stay the f*ck out of my business. The second you say that to Sai, she’s gonna be like, ‘Wanna go have a drink?’”

“I don’t need this mean girl bullying sh*t,” Jessel says, getting emotional. She feels targeted. Time to stand up to the mean girls, Jessel. Tell them to get the f*ck out of your business.

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