‘WCTH’ Showrunner, Creator Explain Why Elizabeth & Lucas Had To Split Up

Hearties are still in shock over Sunday’s WCTH episode “Long Time Running.” After getting wedding jitters, Elizabeth made a decision that surprised viewers. She and Lucas split up in a shocking cliffhanger that has caused new strife in fandom.

However, an interview that included the series Showrunner Lindsay Sturman, and When Calls The Heart co-creator Brian Bird revealed why this surprise storyline had to happen.

What did they have to say?

WCTH Photo: Erin Krakow, Chris McNally, Mark Brandon Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David DolsenElizabeth And Lucas Split Up In WCTH Shocker

In the penultimate episode of WCTH Season 10, Elizabeth told Lucas she was not going with him to Capital City. Earlier in the episode entitled “Long Time Running,” Lucas asked her if he should run for Governor. Everyone knows he is the only one who stands a chance against Governor Balfour. But, she did not think things over.

However, it is when Lucas is asked in a radio interview whether Elizabeth and Little Jack would join him in Capital City that was the pivotal moment for Elizabeth. She realized that she didn’t want to leave Hope Valley. At the train station, she told him as much.

WCTH Photo: Erin Krakow Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Sven Boecker

According to Showrunner Lindsay Sturman, who spoke to the Edify Aftershow, this was their “Casablanca moment.” Sturman and series co-creator Brian Bird were on the show discussing the bombshell cliffhanger in When Calls The Heart Season 10, Episode 11.

They revealed that the two had different journeys.

A beautiful, heart wrenching end to the episode. It makes me cry… like Casablanca. But remember it’s not yet the end of the season. Please join us next week for the season finale! #Hearties @SCHeartHome @hallmarkchannel pic.twitter.com/V1tEJjbuUQ

— Allie Devereaux (@allieiswriting1) October 9, 2023

Lucas Was Headed To A Big Life, While Elizabeth Was Going Small

When the new showrunner came to the WCTH Season 10 writer’s room, she further explained that they started with the end in mind and worked backward. That means they knew they were going to split them up.

“Elizabeth and Lucas had different destinies and how do we follow those? Following Lucas, giving him this bigger story of you know a man who thinks big and does big.” Sturman concluded that Lucas is “sort of bound for some greatness.” The showrunner revealed that he is on a “Hero’s Journey.”

Meanwhile, she revealed that Elizabeth “had the big life. She chose to leave Hamilton and come to this small town and have the sort of quieter life.” She concluded that Elizabeth is a teacher with a small life who wants to raise her son.

That is how they saw their “paths diverging.”

WCTH Photo: Kevin McGarry, Jack Wagner, Kavan Smith, Chris McNally Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David DolsenShock Split Will Keep WCTH Going

The most surprising part of this interview was that Brian Bird and Lindsay Sturman felt that by splitting up this couple, they now have many more WCTH stories to tell. It opens up their worlds. Otherwise, this is the end game, and there are no opportunities for more stories.

Moreover, this means that the future should include many more seasons. Brian Bird has said that he wants this series to have as many seasons as The Simpsons. They believe that now they are set up to achieve that.

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Hearties, what do you think about this shock split? Do you think this will keep the show running for more years?

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