‘BIP’ Katie Thurston Details Blake Moynes Reaction To Seeing Her

Bachelor in Paradise producers were using their devilish antics when they brought Katie Thurston to the beach. Everyone knew that her ex fiancé Blake Moynes was looking for love once again in Paradise. Katie recently spoke about the moment she walked down the stairs to join the group. She shared Blake’s reaction when he saw her. Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston shares Blake Moynes reaction to seeing her for first time

Bachelorette Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes did not exactly end their engagement on great terms. In fact, they had not spoken since their split until she appeared on the beach. Now, she is detailing the look on the face when he saw her for the first time.

Katie appeared on the Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast where she talked about her experience. She started by saying it didn’t go how she thought it would. She said, “I was told when I was going to see everybody, everyone was going to be very excited and get up and hug me.” Katie continued to say, “And so I went in with this like mentality of like ‘I’m about to be so welcomed.’”

She said when she walked down to the beach the first person she was looking for was Blake. Katie said, “When I walked down, obviously the first person I look for is Blake, and he’s looking at me like he saw a ghost. And it feels like five minutes of nobody saying anything, no one’s getting up. Like, I feel so uncomfortable.”

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Things relaxed more when everyone realized she was not there to find love.

Blake and Katie will ultimately have a conversation while she is there in Mexico. Spoilers and Katie have teased that they were able to get some closure from their broken engagement. She even started following him on Instagram again.

Why did they break up?

Katie pointed out that they both lived in different countries during the pandemic. That made it hard.

She said,

We lived in different countries during the pandemic. I think we were just already up against a lot. So you just got to find someone who’s willing to put in the work. And that’s not even to him or myself. It’s just in general, long-distance is hard and maybe not the right choice for someone like me who really wants a hands-on, in-person relationship.

Their conversation will be interesting. Do you think they will have a good talk and at least be on talking terms?

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