Julia Fox Says Romance Was Fake With Kanye West

Julia Fox alleges that her short-lived romance with Kanye West was fake. The singer, who is now married to Bianca Censori, dated Fox at the end of 2021 through early 2022. Yet, that was fast, furious, and also, ended as fast as it began. So, what else did she have to say about their relationship? Read on for more details.

Julia Fox Says Romance Was Fake With Kanye West

When Kanye West dates someone, he makes it a big spectacle and ensures that all eyes are on him. With Kim Kardashian, he was her personal stylist and changed who she was from head to toe. Then, with his new wife, Bianca Censori, they have broken nearly every rule in Italy together. She had gone out practically naked while he was covered in all black. Additionally, they did some NSFW activities on a boat that was captured on film, as well.  However, before Bianca, there was eclectic actress Julia Fox who has recently written a tell-all book.

Julia Fox-YouTube

In the book, Down the Drain, Julia details her romance with the father of four. According to TMZ, she alleged their relationship, if it can be called that, was really just staged. Finally, she can officially chat about what went down between the two as she never signed an NDA. This is great for inquiring minds who want to know what it is like to be with Ye, aside from what the Kardashian family showed. They met through a friend as he was interested in Julia. Therefore, she passed her number his way.


They soon started to talk but Julia noted that it was mostly him droning on and on. This prompted him to invite her and her friends for New Year’s Eve, a trip he paid for. Julia Fox and Kanye West were first seen out on that night, meeting at a club, and becoming hands-on during the evening. Within 24 hours, he asked her to make it official, inquiring if she was fine with them being seen. That was her main clue that this was not a real romance whatsoever.

Kanye’s Toy

Much like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West started to dress Julia Fox in what he wanted her to wear. She claimed that she tried on one ensemble that just did not feel flattering to her, especially in the chest area. That was when he told her he would simply buy her boobs. “I feel like he’s using me in some weird, twisted game. It makes me feel dirty,” she said of photos that Ye had sent to an outlet. Though he did want her to sign an NDA and she was sent one, she never took that plunge. Now she can safely write her book with no repercussions.

Are you surprised that the relationship was fake? Let us know your thoughts. Down the Drain is available now.

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