Nikki Exotika’s SHOCKING Face Before Cosmetic Surgery

90 Day Fiance never had such an exotic-looking person as Nikki Exotika but she wasn’t that exotic before her cosmetic surgery. The Season 10 star transitioned at 19 and spent a fortune on cosmetic procedures. However, some TLC fans think she looked better before she became a walking, talking, Barbie.

Nikki Exotika Hooks Up With Justin Again In 90 Day Fiance

Born as a male named Jason Torres, the youngster discovered very early in life that being a boy didn’t cut it. So, transitioning became a big goal. Bullied at school for being too feminine and quirky, eventually, the day came for surgery. In fact, so much surgery arrived that Justin, a.k.a Igor, whom she met via a dating App, totally believed he dated a female born a girl. When he found out, he hit the road back to Moldova.

90 Day Fiance Freaky Way Justin Found Out Nikki Was Trans TLC ET Online

Nikki Exotika and Justin hooked up again after about 15 years of separation. The TLC show premiered this weekend, and already, fans have a lot to say about Justin and his lover. However, they have a lot more to say about the way she used to look before churning out tons of money on her appearance. Also known as Nicole Sanders, she really puts people like Darcey Silva in the shade.

Nikki Exotica, 47 has had every plastic surgery known to man could not call this boy Igor because it remind her of Frankenstein’s assistant so she renamed him Justin. But also she used to be a man. Whew Chileeeee #90DayFiance

— Violate Brown (@BrownViolate) October 9, 2023

Nikki Exotika Looks Completely Different Now

90 Day Fiance fans were stunned when an early photo was shared on Reddit. The OP wrote, “NO WAY!!” Next, they said, “This is NOT the same person!!” As you can see in our comparison photo of Nicole taken from TLC, the two people really don’t look even vaguely like each other. Well, a million dollars clearly buys a lot of restructuring.

90 Day Fiance – Nikki Exotika’s Before And After Cosmetic Surgery – via Reddit

Nikki Exotika, who once appeared on E!‘s Botched reality TV show, claimed that every single inch of her went under the knife at one stage or another. Those 90 Day Fiance fans who saw the post before the Barbie phase seemed shocked. One of them opined, “She really f–ked her face up, that’s so sad.” However, others talked about how they didn’t really take to her, or to Justin.

Other 90 Day Fiance Fans Comment About Cosmetic Surgery

Nikki Exotika most likely expects to get roasted for so much cosmetic surgery. Probably, she’s seen what people say about Darcey Silva, but she probably doesn’t care. Anyway, it would take a massive amount of money to undo all the changes, even if she wanted to.

Here is another comment: “She is going about it the wrong way. Every surgery she has is getting her further away from looking like the “perfect” woman.”

One Redditor wrote, “Can we just say it? This woman clearly has some massive mental health issues that she’s not dealing with. She purposefully did to her face. I don’t think that’s surgery gone wrong….that’s a surgeon who did her wrong by not stopping her.”

Are you shocked at how Nikki changed so much since the early years of her transition? Do you think that surgeons should be forced to stop doing more cosmetic changes? How could that be quantified? When is enough, enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news.

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