Paige DeSorbo ‘Didn’t Take Offense’ To Cheating Accusations on Southern Charm

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Southern Charm is back for Season 9 and the cast is wasting no time in bringing the drama. Well, to be clear, Taylor Ann Green is wasting no time in bringing the drama. The beginning episodes revolve around Taylor and her very clear desire to make ex-Shep Rose a jealous mess.

Taylor and Shep broke up last season and Taylor cried her way through the reunion. Her heart was shattered and now it seems she intends to shatter back. She’s hooked up with Shep’s friend Austen Kroll. Shep’s other friend Whitney Sudler-Smith was on the receiving end of a naked photo of Taylor. And in her current trail of tears, she also accused Craig Conover’s girlfriend of cheating. Now Paige DeSorbo has entered the chat.

Paige remains unbothered

On an October 3rd episode of Paige’s Amazon Live, she responded to a question about Taylor’s allegations. “That’s so funny. Honestly, I didn’t take offense to it at all. I wasn’t upset or mad about it at all,” Paige replied. This is probably because Paige is largely aware Taylor is in a state of confusion and basically saying anything she can to distract from her own actions.

According to the Summer House star, Craig laughed it off. “I think it’s also funny because Craig didn’t think about it for a second because I am mean to men,” she explained. “I am mean to the average man that I speak to because men are the worst. So Craig knows that I’m mean to men because I’m also mean to him. So I didn’t really think anything of it because I’m just out here being mean to all men, including my boyfriend,” Paige continued.

It appears Craig and Paige are on fairly solid ground. They’ve recently celebrated a two-year anniversary and maintain a long-distance relationship. As for Taylor, she apologized to Craig and admitted her feeble attempt at gossip had no legs.

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