‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Protected By Cops On Big Day

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was protected by the cops on her big day. This is completely ironic given that, in Season 2 of the series, she and her family were running from the law. Now, she has married her dream man in Utah and had the support of law enforcement. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Protected By Cops On Big Day

Christine Brown had everything she could have wanted and more on October 7th. That was when she married her dream man, David Woolley in the perfect white gown. This was her first legal marriage as she and Kody Brown were only spiritually married. However, that union fell apart over time and it was a struggle to stick in the plural family. Then, Kody shared he was taking away the intimacy part of their marriage and that was enough for Christine. She took all of Kody’s stuff, moved it out, told the family she was done, and decided to move to Utah. That was where she found her happily ever after.

David, Christine- Credit: Instagram

According to The Sun, this big day included the cops, as well. This was a necessary evil as the wedding was actually being filmed so they all needed extra protection. There were also a lot of exclusive photos being taken so the need for security was necessary. Per a source: “There were security officers on the property making sure everything ran smoothly and there were no trespassers. The entrance in front of the lodge was not accessible, so there was no way of even getting close, unless you were a guest of the hotel.”

‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Says ‘Big White Wedding’ Is ’Everything I Never Thought I’d Have’ https://t.co/isgwFQzped

— People (@people) October 9, 2023

Despite Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding date and registry being leaked, they wanted to keep all details hidden. People then had exclusive photos of the newlyweds and special guests from Sister Wives. As of now, it is unclear where the wedding will air. It may be a part of the show or a spin-off for Christine to just have her moment to shine. Some fans felt it should have aired on Sunday, October 8th instead of the regular episode.

Finally In Love

Christine Brown was unsure if she would ever find love when she was leaving Flagstaff. She was almost fifty and was starting all over again. Recently, on Sister Wives, she was seeking a matchmaker. Kody even said she would meet a man who just wanted to use and abuse her. Rather, she found someone who lifts her up and loves her every step of the way. David also adores her kids which is even better.

Are you shocked that they had to get protection for the big day or should Christine feel honored? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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