‘sMothered’ Dawn Hubsher Cries Hysterically Shares Sheer Terror

sMothered fans are familiar with Cher and her mom, Dawn Hubsher. This week, Dawn experienced a terrifying time and cried hysterically as she recounted what happened. Lucky to be alive, she told TLC fans how she called Cher as she feared for her life.

sMothered Grandma Dawn Hubsher Gets Hysterical

As TLC fans know, Cher and her mom are almost like twins. Close, actually, way too close, some fans think, Cher got a terrifying phone call from her mom on the weekend. Most daughters would probably freak out, but with these two, their close bond goes way beyond what people consider to be normal.

It sounds like the sMothered star kept her mom on the phone, probably because she could hear the terror in Dawn’s voice. Fortunately, the call didn’t suddenly go silent. Dawn survived a nightmare that many Americans can only imagine. The authors of the book, A Bond That Lasts Forever, could have easily had their last forever moment in this life.

Check out this book: “A Bond That Lasts Forever” by Dawn Hubsher, Cher… https://t.co/10nai8wOGf pic.twitter.com/mKLgM7Wbuh

— Glamerate Steinberg (@RatedVin) July 22, 2019

sMothered Dawn Hubsher Caught In Hamas’ Missile Attack

Fans last saw Dawn on Season 4 of the TLC show. In 2022, Cher’s husband Jared, a physician, completed his residency in New York. However, to Dawn’s alarm, he moved his family to Florida but not where Dawn wanted them to live. So, there was drama about that. However, what happened this weekend was real, unscripted, and completely terrifying.

The sMothered star took to Instagram after she survived the missile attacks and incursions by Hamas into Isreal that started on Saturday. At the time, Dawn was visiting Israel. She explained how out of the blue “missiles’ were “going off.” and everyone was “running to the shelters.” She’d been waiting with her group to catch up with a “tour guide in Tel Aviv.” Emotional and crying, she talked about the “bomb shelters at the airport.” Terrified, she called Cher.

TLC sMothered Dawn Hubsher Cries Hysterically Shares Sheer Terror InstagramTerror As The End Was Nigh

Crying hysterically in a video on Instagram, the sMothered star said that she called Cher. Really, she believed that she was about to die. Speaking about it, she cried even harder because, Cher told her, “Stay on the phone, Mom, stay on the phone.” 

Fortunately, Dawn Hubsher is safe now. In her caption, she said, “Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky. Regardless of religion, race, or beliefs, it is never acceptable to take the lives of innocent people… I am praying for our people and our world. I stand for Peace!”

TLC fans can probably only imagine how scary it must have been. In the comments, lots of people responded. Here are a few of their comments:

Oh my god. I had no idea you were there. I’m crying at work. I’m so grateful you guys made it out and are safe. My heart goes out to all the innocents who are caught up in this conflict…

How awful. So sorry you went through this. Thank goodness you made it home .

Thank you for being strong and brave enough to share your story.

We are so grateful that you made it out of there! Sending all of our love. .”

What do you think about Cher hearing from her mom as missiles were going off? Can you imagine how terrifying it must have been for Dawn Hubsher and her daughter? Do you think that Cher did the right thing by telling her mom to “stay on the phone” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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