‘Bringing Up Bates’ Why Fans Think Katie Bates Is Pregnant Again

Bringing Up Bates fans think that Katie Bates Clark might be pregnant again, but why? Speculation is swirling online after the former UPtv star seemingly dropped a couple of hints online. What did she share that got fans talking? Keep reading for all of the details about this possible pregnancy.

Katie Bates & Travis Clark currently have one daughter.

Katie and her husband Travis Clark tied the knot in December 2021. In February 2023, they welcomed their first baby, a girl named Hailey James, to the world. Though the little one is still young, fans are already curious about what the future holds for Travis and Katie’s family.

In a YouTube video, the couple recently shared more about their family plans. It sounds like the pair wants to have their kids fairly close in age. They published the video last month, and at that point, Katie claimed she wasn’t pregnant.

Now, the speculation is ramping up.

Bringing Up Bates – Katie Bates Clark YouTube Bringing Up Bates fans think Katie Bates Clark is pregnant again.

A couple of hints have popped up online, prompting fans to speculate about Katie possibly being pregnant. It started with a new Instagram post, featuring a series of gorgeous fall family photos, featuring Katie, Travis, Hailey, and their dog, Remi.

Below, you can see the family pictures Katie Bates Clark posted this week.


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A post shared by Katie Clark (@kgbates2000)

On Reddit, fans reposted one of the snaps and said, “For a second I thought this was a pregnancy announcement.” Another chimed in, “It most likely is…they all seem to prepost family photos like this then end up using the same photo shoot for an announcement.”

Others agree that Katie and Travis might have taken a few photos with an ultrasound picture and some photos without. Then, they could post the ultrasound ones as an announcement.

In a comment, a fan pointed out that Katie Bates Clark has been dealing with kidney stones and was supposed to have a CT scan. However, she said that due to radiation exposure, she was going to get an ultrasound instead. Fans found this odd and thought that pregnancy might be a reason to avoid the CT scan. One Reddit user said, “When she mentioned not having the ct scan last week… I figured an announcement would be coming…” 

Of course, only time will tell when Katie and Travis grow their family. Bringing Up Bates fans will continue to be on the lookout though.

So, do you agree with the Bringing Up Bates fans who think that Katie Bates Clark might be pregnant again? Or do you think they had fall family pictures taken for no specific reason? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family. Below, you can check out the couple’s video about their thoughts on baby number two.

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