Heather Gay Responds to Mary Cosby’s Body-Shaming by Thanking ‘Inclusive’ Gucci

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Sometimes people are socially awkward and sometimes people are downright mean. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby hovers somewhere in the middle. Since Mary started in Season 1 of our wintry Real Housewives franchise, she’s become a polarizing figure that some people adore.

But Mary’s Mouth has become its own entity. From a tiny sprite of a woman, always dressed in the finest labels, spews a plethora of un-Christian-like sentiments. She’s mocked accents of other ethnicities, compared someone else to a “Mexican thug,” and she takes low-ball shots like fat-shaming co-stars.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Mary didn’t just put her foot in her mouth, she put in her whole damn leg. During a segment that was to be “amusing,” she insulted Heather Gay’s body. She also accused Heather of wearing a fake designer corset. Instead of clapping back at Mary’s distasteful comment, Heather thanked Gucci.

And just like that, Heather’s back

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Heather lost some folks last season with her rogue storyline. Some fans were coming back to RHOSLC giving Heather the side-eye after the black-eye, but she’s hanging in there. That said, after Mary’s appearance on WWHL, pretty much everyone looks okay right now but her.

When Andy Cohen attempted to play a “game” with Mary, I’m not sure he was anticipating Heather getting body-shamed. The always holy Mary felt Heather’s Gucci corset interview look couldn’t possibly come in a size 14, therefore it must be counterfeit.

Today Heather hopped on Insta and posted a photo of herself in the corset and wrote, “Thank you @gucci for being so inclusive. #RHOSLC” She received so many compliments, I’m surprised Jen Shah didn’t chime in from the prison yard.

Lisa Barlow showed support. Former RHOSLC friend Angie Harrington co-signed. And people are still quite miffed with Mary. One fan wrote, “Never take heat from someone who married their step-grandfather.” Another added, “The way my blood pressure rose over that ignorant comment.”

While Mary sat in her lovely, albeit heavily-wrinkled Fendi jumpsuit commenting on Heather, she has yet to issue an apology. In fact, she said on WWHL she stands by her words because it’s her “opinion.”

Now, lots of people have “opinions” on Mary’s Mouth .

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET on Bravo.


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