Johannah Duggar Courtship Announcement Coming Soon?

Could a Johannah Duggar courtship announcement be coming soon? As far as fans know, she’s not officially in a relationship. But many Counting On fans are beginning to speculate about a possible relationship for the young woman. Keep reading to see what hints fans have spotted so far.

When do the Counting On stars typically start courting?

All of Johannah’s older siblings have entered courtships in their late teens or early twenties. The Duggars court instead of dating. This means that they are dating with the intent of marriage. Many of the Duggar kids have only courted one person rather than dating multiple people. They also keep PDA to a minimum with many of them saving their first kisses for their wedding days.

These days, fans rarely get updates about Johannah. She doesn’t have her own social media profile and her parents are laying low, so they don’t post much anyway. On October 11, she celebrated her 18th birthday!

Now that Johannah is 18 years old, it’s possible that she will be courting very soon if she isn’t already.

Fans think Johannah Duggar’s courtship announcement is coming soon.

In a new Reddit thread on Wednesday, a fan pointed out that it’s Johannah’s 18th birthday. The fan questioned, “What are the odds we will get courting news shortly?” Many are hopeful that Johannah won’t be married off anytime soon since she’s still so young. One speculated, “My hope is that with all of her older sisters minus Jana married and several of them not drinking the strongest Kool-Aid anymore she might have a little more time.”

In the Reddit thread, fans are also discussing the possibility of Johannah Duggar courting a young man named Carver Bowers. The pair was previously rumored to be courting, but he denied those claims. He’s now reportedly engaged to another young woman. That doesn’t mean that Johannah isn’t in a relationship with someone else though.

So far, only one Duggar family member has acknowledged Johannah’s birthday on social media. Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth shared a couple of photos of her younger sister on her Instagram Stories. It looks like several family members went out to eat to celebrate her special day. Though Joy-Anna is the only one to post publicly, fans assume the rest of the family sent love her way in person or via text.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Instagram, Johannah Duggar

Only time will tell whether Johannah is in a courtship. Eagle-eyed fans will continue to keep an eye out for hints.

So, do you think that a Johannah Duggar courtship announcement could be coming soon? How do you feel about the possibility of a beach photo to share the news? Sound off in the comments section below. And keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Counting On stars.

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