‘My 600-lb Life’: Big 2023 Life Update For S7 Holly Hager

My 600-lb Life alum Holly Hager had one of the most inspiring stories in Season 7. She sought Dr. Now’s help at the age of 38 and weighed 658 pounds. Her daily life was affected by her obesity. The Georgia native began to suffer from being overweight when she was a teen. She tried to fight it and had already dropped to 319 lbs in her early 30s. But she went back to food addiction, which led to her biggest weight gain. Fortunately, she found the determination to change her life before it was too late. Keep reading to see her incredible transformation today.

My 600-lb Life: Holly Hager Doubted Her Journey

Holly had a rough start in her weight loss journey. During the fifth month, she only lost 47 pounds. She was discouraged, as she couldn’t seem to make good progress toward her physical goals. However, Dr. Now pushed her even more, and dropped another 47 pounds in her seventh month, which qualifies her for bariatric surgery. The My 600-lb Life alum shed 240 pounds by the end of her 12-month program. Her last reported weight was 418 lbs.

Photo Credit: TLC YouTubeHolly Kept A Healthy Lifestyle

Holly Hager kept in touch with the fans on social media after Season 7. Many of her photos show that she has maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout the years. On October 6, the My 600-lb Life alum shared a stunning photo of herself showing off her slim physique.

Photo Credit: Holly Hager-Conner Facebook

In October 2020, she got married to a man named Keith. Not much is known about the guy. But his FB page shows a photo of firefighter jackets. The former TLC star also revealed that her husband is hardworking and does 12-hour night shifts at his job. The married couple presently reside in Houston, Texas.

My 600-lb Life: What Is Holly Hager Up To Today?

Holly’s successful weight loss opened up more opportunities in her life. She joined a non-profit organization called Defined With Purpose. It aims to aid individuals who are going through the darkest times of their lives, especially those who have experienced molestation and sexual abuse. The My 600-lb Life alum is reportedly an intern in the organization and helps manage weekly gatherings.

Photo Credit: Holly Hager-Conner Facebook

Furthermore, Holly Hager is a beauty consultant at Mary Kay. Her FB page also states that she’s currently an enneagram coach at Inner Harmony Coaching. She has yet to share her current weight. There are no indications of her excess skin removal as well, which is usually done to patients after successfully shedding weight. But it’s clear that she did a great job of stepping away from her unhealthy food addiction.

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