Natalie Tran remembers Cal Wilson

Great Australian Bake Off co-host has shared her thoughts following the sudden death of co-host Cal Wilson.

Speaking to The Project last night, she said, “I’m devastated. I don’t think you could find a single person who would have anything bad to say about her. She was a beautiful person. So kind and giving and funny, and I’m very grateful to have known her. She’s just a really beautiful person. It’s a very sad day.”

She continued, “These were earrings that she gave me the first time we met. And if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to carry all the presents that she’s given me over the time I’ve known her. …everyday, she was like a cheerleader for every single person. It’s television, so you guys would know, you get inappropriately close and you become like a family very quickly.”

Tran said Cal Wilson would even catch up with the show’s bakers after filming .

“I would describe Cal as somebody who absolutely adored and loved Chris and Digby. She was just one of the greatest humans that you could meet. The world is a much sadder place without Cal.”

Noting that nobody had a bad word to say about her, she joked, “Everyone at home has suspected that everyone in the entertainment industry is an awful person with a deep dark secret. Except for Cal. I don’t know how we were also lucky to meet her.”

The comedy world is in mourning after beloved comic and TV host Cal Wilson died, aged 53.

We take a look back at an incredible life. @natalietran hosted the Great Australian Bake-Off alongside Cal, and she tells us what it was like to work with the comedy queen.

— The Project (@theprojecttv) October 11, 2023

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