Roger Howarth Gives Explanation Why He Took Time Off From ‘General Hospital’

Roger Howarth is seemingly back on the set of General Hospital after taking a month off, and he offered an explanation for his absence. The actor is a fan-favorite among many soap opera followers. He is always missed when not on screen, and viewers take notice. So, what prompted him to take a short leave from the ABC soap? Read on to find out.

Roger Howarth’s character is missing

In 2021, Roger Howarth debuted as Dr. Austin Holt, the grandson of Edward Quartermaine. His character’s integrity is still up in the air as he has gotten into quite a pickle with his involvement with baddies Mason Gatlin and Cyrus Renault. He also knows that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and well. That could cause him a heap of trouble if the truth comes out, which it always does in soaps eventually.

Howarth stepped into his current role after his previous character, Franco, was killed off. That left a gaping hole in the hearts of many fans who had grown to appreciate the love story between Franco and Elizabeth. A few months later, the former One Life To Live actor returned as a completely different character, Austin Holt. No matter what role he is in, fans seem to love Roger Howarth on their screens.

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However, he has been missing from General Hospital recently and fans were left wondering what happened to him. His character has gotten himself into a very dangerous situation, and now Ava Cassadine has gone missing as well. The two have been in cahoots with each other, although not voluntarily. Mason pulls their strings and now he has taken Ava somewhere. But where has Austin gone off to? There is a reason that he has not been seen and that’s because the actor needed to take a short break from the show.

Taking an unexpected month off

Roger Howarth just joined Instagram in September, so he recently took the opportunity to explain his absence from General Hospital on the social media platform. In the caption, he said that he took a month off from work because of some health issues. “After a month off for Covid and knee MRI, I am back,” he explained. The photo that he shared along with his message to fans was taken at the gym. You can see the workout equipment behind him as he is snapping the picture.

Roger Howarth Instagram

In addition, Howarth challenged his followers to try something “new and difficult.” He also wants to be accountable, as well as be supportive of his fans. It was quite an uplifting message. It appears that he is now healthy and ready to get back to normal life after his bout with the illness.

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