‘Sister Wives’ Christine & David Wedding Special To Air?

Sister Wives Season 18 is going strong, but it was filmed a long time ago. Now fans are wondering if a Christine Brown and David Wooley wedding special is coming next. In the current season, Christine is just starting to date so she hasn’t even met David yet. In real-time, this couple just got married last weekend.

Christine Brown Gets Married

Last weekend Christine Brown got married to the love of her life David Wooley. This was after breaking free from polygamy and deciding that she wanted to be married to a man who only had one wife. Her family was there, but Janelle Brown was the only one of her sister wives who was there for the big event. Viewers want to see who was there and how they interacted with each other. You can see a picture from the big day below that Christine Brown posted showing off her wedding attire.

Will This Be A Wedding Special?

A rare picture from the wedding reveals that there are cameras at the wedding. This means they were filming and it was probably for a wedding special. You can see it in the picture below.

TLC Sister Wives Wedding Venue Photo Christine Brown Reddit

You know that TLC is not going to pass up a huge opportunity like this one. They did a wedding special for Amy Roloff and Chris Marek that did great. You can assume this will end up airing a few months after the season finale of Season 18 of Sister Wives, but that has not been confirmed just yet. It is clear that something like this would get huge ratings and they are not going to pass that up. The fans want to see it and David has already proven that he isn’t afraid of the cameras being spotted filming.

She was also protected by police at the wedding. You can assume that was because they didn’t want anyone breaking in and messing up her big day or messing up her filming. TLC made sure that everything went perfectly for Christine Brown’s special day.

Do you think that TLC will do a big wedding special for Christine Brown and David Wooley? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. CST on TLC. This season seems to be about halfway over so far.

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