‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Who Luna Could Really Be

Who’s Luna (Lisa Yamada) on The Bold and the Beautiful? It’s a question everyone is asking. She’s a mystery to RJ (Joshua Hoffman) — as well as fans of the soap. A few details are already leaked about the young Forrester intern. Finally, the woman Luna takes calls from all the time was revealed not long ago. Her mother, Poppy (Romy Park), is a carefree, hippie type — as Luna describes. Poppy’s B&B scenes are few at this point, but more is soon to come.

RJ takes a strong interest in Luna — and where she comes from

RJ’s interest in Luna on The Bold and the Beautiful is as strong as ours. The young Forrester designer wants to know all there is about this beautiful woman. He knows she’s a good listener, trustworthy, and helps him assist his grandfather. Her facial expressions often have the look of guilt when RJ asks simple questions. She avoids telling RJ anything about who she really is.

[Credit: YouTube]We know Li is related to Luna and Poppy

The Bold and the Beautiful is throwing us a ton of hints lately. Luna is the niece of Finn’s (Tanner Nolan) adoptive mother, Li (Naomi Matsuda). Moreover, Poppy brings up Li and Finn in her conversations. The protective mother is constantly warning her daughter to stay away from the Forresters. Without question, something explosive is brewing on B&B.

Who Luna could really be, according to a critic of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Who is Luna, and why is she suddenly at Forrester Creations? A critic of the CBS soap is as curious as everyone else. In his opinion, B&B’s Luna might be the love child of Poppy and Finn. As the SoapHub writer adds, it’s a long shot … but possible. It’s hard to think that Li’s sister slept with Finn. Who knows what the real story is, but that’ll stir things up if it’s true.

Furthermore, the critic points out that Finn is married to Steffy (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) … a Forrester. Is this why Poppy is demanding her daughter keep her distance from the family?

[Credit: YouTube] The Bold and the Beautiful keeps viewers in suspense as they tease tidbits

As each episode airs, fans discover more details about Luna. Whatever her story is, it’s going to be a bombshell reveal. A lot of effort is put into keeping whatever Luna’s real identity is a secret. Hey, we love playing detective and speculating on what’s next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

It also appears that Luna wants to open up to RJ, but something big is holding her back. The more RJ talks to her, the closer she seems to confiding in him. For the time being, she’ll stay mum and enjoy her attraction to the up-and-coming designer.

Do you think Luna is the love child of Poppy and Finn? Who do you think this B&B character is, and why’s she so desperate to hide herself from everyone?

Come back for more speculations and opinions on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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