Vanna White Discusses Rumors Surrounding Salary Negotiations

Dating all the way back to 1975, the hit game show Wheel of Fortune went through numerous changes before becoming what it is today. And it seems the show is set to change yet again after host Pat Sajak announced his retirement. With a new host, fans wondered what would happen to co-host, Vanna White. Although rumors circulated around the star, White recently discussed the negotiations and how the internet caused a mountain of speculation and rumors.

Back in July, Vanna White negotiated with Sony Pictures Television for what her future with Wheel of Fortune might look like. At the same time, rumors spread that the co-host insisted on 50 percent of Sajak’s salary. Like most rumors, a source close to the deal admitted to the star asking far more than half. Apparently, she “is asking for the same pay – if not more.” The source added that the White earned $3 million a year for almost 18 years without any talks of a pay raise.

Lots of memories with this longtime pal. Happy birthday Alex!

— Vanna White (@TheVannaWhite) July 22, 2020

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

As for Vanna White, she discussed how she struggled to read about her career online. “Everything is so blown out of proportion, not just with my stuff, with everybody’s stuff.” Considering herself a “strong person,” she insisted, “I’m not going to do anything I don’t want to do or that I don’t believe in.”

Noting that is how her mother raised her, White bestowed some advice on young women. “Follow your heart and really don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t let anybody talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Besides fighting for her worth, Vanna White seemed thrilled to still be on the show even after Sajak leaves. “I’m just so happy that I have signed for two more years.” Although Sajak will leave, fans of Wheel of Fortune can still see White until 2026.

Vanna White Welcomes American Idol Host

Looking past the career of Pat Sajak, Vanna White will welcome none other than Ryan Seacrest to the show next season. While some might view Seacrest as not a good fit for the show, White defended the host, suggesting, “I think it’s going to be good. He’s such a nice guy and he loves what he does.” Apparently, Seacrest even praised Sajak as White recalled, “He said, ‘Look, I am not replacing Pat. I’m not going in to try to fill Pat’s shoes. No one can ever replace him.’”

After studying fashion and competing in the Miss Georgia USA in 1978, Vanna White’s career at Wheel of Fortune started in 1982. Over the past 41 years, the co-host did more than turn tiles, she solidified herself as a star in game shows. She even branched out, writing her book, running a yarn brand, and investing in real estate.

When I moved to LA in 1980, I was on Price Is Right and met Bob Barker. Thank you Bob for introducing me to the game show world! We will miss you.

— Vanna White (@TheVannaWhite) August 27, 2023

With Vanna White co-hosting with Ryan Seacrest in future seasons of Wheel of Fortune, are you excited, or do you still want Pat Sajak? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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