‘WCTH’ What Happens If Lucas Bouchard Loses Governor Race?

When Calls The Heart Season 10 finale is coming this Sunday night. Everything has changed now that Lucas Bouchard is running for Governor. They feel like he can save things, but this will also mean him moving away from Hope Valley. So what happens if he ends up losing the race on WCTH?

Elizabeth And Lucas’ Romance

Elizabeth Thornton called it quits with Lucas Bouchard, but one big reason is that Hope Valley is her home. If he wins the race for Governor, she would be expected to move away with him and that just isn’t what she wants to do. She loves teaching and living next door to her best friend Rosemary. She likes raising her son Little Jack in this small town. This is where she wants to stay.

If he sticks around, could they find their way back to each other? Well, it is very possible. When Calls The Heart has also teased a spark between Elizabeth and Nathan once again, though. You never know who she will end up with in the end. They could even let her be alone or bring in a new love interest for her at some point. Some fans are even holding out hope that Jack will be found alive, but that probably won’t be happening.

#Hearties Can we just talk about this scene for a moment? The way Elizabeth says those magical words-“I love you” And than saying “Lucas darling” it was all perfect! I think this will always be one of my top #LucaBeth scenes #AllinForSeason10 #wcth pic.twitter.com/48WmZCgKhH

— Irma Oude Breuil (@OudeBreuilIrma) October 8, 2023

What Could Happen To Lucas’ Character On WCTH?

It has already been confirmed that Chris McNally is returning next season to WCTH. This does make viewers wonder if he will lose the race and stay in Hope Valley or if they will do something crazy like let him do the job from there somehow.

If he doesn’t win, they will have to fight the corrupt government from Hope Valley. Nathan, Bill and Lucas will do what they can to save Hope Valley and this will be a big storyline. Another option is that he wins and then somehow gets hurt and has to go back to Hope Valley. If this happens, he would need someone to nurse him back to health and that could put Elizabeth by his side again. Since we know he is sticking around it is going to be interesting to see how they decide to do that because fans are going to want to see him in Hope Valley at least part of the time.

Do you think that Lucas Bouchard will win the Governor race on the WCTH finale? Sound off in the comments section below. Don’t miss the big finale on Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST on Hallmark.

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