‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Did Vanna White Have Plastic Surgery?

Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White recently talked about her views on plastic surgery. There’s no doubt that she looks amazing, but has she ever gone under the knife? Keep reading to see what Vanna revealed about the work she’s had done.

Vanna White Launches A New Makeup Brand Inspired By Wheel

Vanna spoke with People about her skincare routine and how she approaches doing her makeup before Wheel of Fortune each day. She also talked about her limited-time makeup collaboration called Laura Geller Beauty x Wheel of Fortune. 

Over the last year, Vanna White worked with Laura Geller to release six Wheel of Fortune-inspired products. Laura Geller specializes in creating makeup for more mature skin. The makers wanted to wow Vanna with what they’ve created, and they didn’t disappoint.

Image: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

After being shown what they came up with, the Wheel co-host said that she absolutely loved it all. “It’s just so cute and it works so well,” she said in relation to the makeup line release.

The limited-edition line includes  Face the Wheel Blush Palette, Prizewinning Eyes Shadow Palette, Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer, Kajal Longwear Liner in Glitz and Glam, Modern Classic Cream Lipstick in Big Money Red, and a Dual-Ended Blush and Bronzer Precision Brush.

Talking about the red lipstick featured in the makeup line, Vanna said that she feels everyone needs a good red lip in their life.

Has Vanna Had Plastic Surgery?

During an interview about the new makeup line, Vanna White revealed that she’s a bit scared of going under the knife. She’s also been trying to embrace the way she is aging.

“I think wrinkles are beautiful,” the 66-year-old told People. “Someone who is completely with no lines, they don’t have any character. Be natural, be yourself and have personality.”

She said that she wants people to see what she really looks like. “I don’t look like this without all this makeup,” Vanna said. “But you know what? I am older and I accept my lines and wrinkles.”

Image: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

However, plastic surgery isn’t totally off the table, according to Vanna White. “Will I ever have plastic surgery? Maybe. But I’m kind of scared to do that. I’m not trying to look 30 years old again because I’m not,” she stated.

Vanna also mentioned that the most important part of her skincare routine isn’t necessarily the glam before the show. It’s actually the skincare she does before any makeup touches her face. She cleanses her face every day and then applies a moisturizer with SPF on her face and hands.

When she’s lucky enough to have a day off, Vanna White prefers to have a naked face at home. Her main focus is on taking great care of herself and her skin as she continues to age.

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