Below Deck Stews Who Never Seem To Want To Do Their Jobs

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Stews are an essential component of the yacht team on Below Deck, although not all of them have brought their best to the job. The stews make up the entire interior team, led by the Chief Stew. They are in charge of everything from serving the guests meals, to cleaning the cabins and taking care of laundry.

While many Below Deck stews have been amazing, some have really dropped the ball. These stews never seemed eager to actually do their jobs, and really let their respective teams down at some points.

Kyle Viljoen


Viewers met Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7, and he recently made his return on Season 8. Kyle was not a great 2nd Stew on Season 7, as he was more interested in socializing than working. For example, Kyle was always down to hear some gossip about his fellow crew members, but he never seemed eager to check in on the guests.

Kyle’s poor work ethic caused issues with his fellow 2nd Stew, Natalya Scudder, who often had to make up for Kyle’s lack of effort. Kyle has just barely joined the crew of Below Deck Med Season 8, but it seems unlikely that he will be stew of the year this season.

Elizabeth Frankini

Elizabeth Frankini/Instagram

Elizabeth Frankini served as a stew on Below Deck Season 8, but she did not put much effort into the job. Instead of focusing on her duties as stew, Elizabeth decided to turn all of her attention to her boatmance with James Hough. It is common for the stews to engage in boatmances, although most of them do not let it effect their work.

When Elizabeth did try to focus on her tasks for the interior team, she was not very good at them. Elizabeth managed to receive two demotions down to 3rd Stew during Season 8, which made Below Deck history. Elizabeth may have been fun to watch, but unfortunately, she was a terrible stew.

Jenna MacGillivray

Jenna MacGillivray/Instagram

Jenna MacGillivray neglected her duties during Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1, which was particularly bad considering that she was Chief Stew. Similarly to Elizabeth, Jenna got too caught up in romance, which made her stray away from her job. Throughout the season, Jenna flirted endlessly with Chef Adam Glick, which left her stews to pick up her workload at times.

Apart from her flirtations with Adam, Jenna treated her interior team rather poorly. The energy that she didn’t put into Adam, was in turn put into arguing with and making fun of her stews. Jenna was a bad Chief Stew for her poor work ethic, but also for her poor people skills.

Ashley Marti

Ashley Marti/Instagram

Ashley Marti was a stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, where she focused on anything but her work. Ashley quickly became infatuated with the infamous Gary King, who had a reputation of hitting on every girl onboard.

Throughout the season, Ashley devoted almost all of her time to chasing Gary, despite his lack of interest. As a result, Ashley often dropped the ball on her responsibilities, which upset Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher. Eventually, Gabriela Barragan was promoted to 2nd Stew over Ashley, showing that Daisy was aware of Ashley’s poor work ethic.

Laura Betancourt

Laura Betancourt/Instagram

Laura Betancourt was a problematic stew on Below Deck Season 6, for more than one reason. Laura was brought onboard to replace Caroline Bedol, another bad stew. While Laura was willing to do her job at certain times, the issue is that she was not willing to do it correctly.

On more than one occasion, Laura clashed with Chief Stew Kate Chastain. Kate tried to correct Laura on how to perform certain tasks, which she did not take well to. Laura claimed to be experienced in the yachting field, but her work proved differently.

It is crucial that everyone on the Below Deck team puts their best foot forward, and the stews are no exception. These stews dropped the ball on their duties, and many of them really let their fellow interior team down. Many of these stews got distracted with romantic pursuits, while others were simply just conceited. Nonetheless, these stews should not return to the yachting world anytime soon.


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