Denise Richards Slammed for Collaboration With Daughter Sami Sheen on OnlyFans

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Denise Richards seems to be all about the collaborations lately. We first heard that she and Sutton Stracke would be working together on a clothing line. That might show up when Denise pops back in for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Denise’s daughter, 19-year-old Sami Sheen joined OnlyFans last year. She was met with complete opposite reactions from her divorced parents. Her dad, Charlie Sheen, expressed blatant disapproval of Sami making money by stripping down for the site. This, despite his decades-long public persona being largely defined by both his general habit of debauchery and his love of sex workers.

Denise went in the complete other direction and joined OnlyFans herself in support of Sami’s efforts. She’s been pretty successful. Tori Spelling even dropped $400 in two days on Denise’s content. However, Denise is catching some backlash after recently teasing her latest collab plan. This would be her and Sami making OnlyFans content together. Apparently, this isn’t even the first time. It’s unclear how salacious their first collab was.

Denise proposed doing an OnlyFans collaboration with Sami … again!

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a recent post Denise put up on her OnlyFans page. The post included a picture of her and Sami all dolled up and gazing at the camera. Denise also posed the question, “Should my mini me @samisheen and I do another collab?”

People were disgusted at the idea

Many were given the ick by the notion of a mother and daughter making content together that presumably wouldn’t be a mommy-and-me baking tutorial. The replies to the Redditor’s post were overwhelmingly baffled and horrified.

One reply read, “This is f*cking WEIRD beyond words and one of the sickest shit I’ve seen on this app. what does she even mean…. what do her and her dorter do on that app….”

Another said, “Mini me has undertones that I cannot support in this context. Do better Denise.”

“Creepy creepy creepy. In no world is this appropriate,” added another.

It looks like Denise’s outlook has changed a lot since she spent half of Season 10 furious about her daughter hearing Erika Jayne briefly talk about a threesome.

We’ll get to see what else Denise has been up to when she’s back as a friend-of for RHOBH Season 13. The show premieres October 25 on Bravo.


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