Hell’s Kitchen Sneak Peek: High Stakes and … Cold Steaks?

What the hell is going on in Hell’s Kitchen?

Well, the usual contestants mucking up the most basic of orders and more Chef Ramsay unleashing some of his most creative insults while reaming them in.

Isn’t that what we love most about the series?

The American dream is starting to feel more like a pipe dream in Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, and we can’t help watching it go up in flames.

TV Fanatic scored a flaming hot, or is it ice cold sneak peek at tonight’s installment, and there’s a new contestant on the radar for colossal mistakes.

One would hope that all the nerves are out of the way now that the two teams have (barely) made it through their first service in Hell’s Kitchen.

But alas, dinner service continues to be trying for the brood.

But before they even make it to another stressful dinner service, can they at least make it through a brunch?

This is Hell’s Kitchen; you already know the answer to that is a resounding “no,” but we can’t wait to see if we’re proven wrong.

Gordon Ramsay tasks both teams with competing against each other in a challenge that has them serving All-American diner-style breakfast to new American citizens.

It sounds like it should be as easy as a piece of Apple Pie in July, but the synopsis teases nothing short of a disaster when the teams keep pushing raw and cold meats out of the kitchen.

If we don’t get a signature “It’s RAW!” from Chef Ramsay, count us as disappointed.

Nevertheless, one team manages to snag the coveted reward for the challenge, and they are whisked away to a swanky rooftop pool party in Hollywood.

And the losers get the daunting, tedious task of picking up pieces of confetti one by one.

Somehow, this sounds even more entertaining to watch than the rest of the kitchen drama. Can you imagine the whining that will happen over this task?

The pressure runs high as, in addition to constantly trying to impress Ramsay, the teams must make good on their dishes when celebrities Victor Cruz, Queer Eye‘s Bobby Berk, Alaska, and Liam Pace appear.

But first, let’s get back to that juicy exclusive clip.

A contestant on the Blue team, Mattias, the sous chef from Pittsburgh, is having an off day for certain when he serves Ramsay up something that nobody desires: a cold steak.

But we don’t know what’s worse, the idea of a cold steak or a cold-blooded Chef Ramsay when he gets agitated and irate and goes off on someone for such a juvenile error.

Will Mattias’ cold steak be a sign that he’ll be on the chopping block later or, worse, get a stake through the heart as his chances for winning the competition dwindle?

You’ll have to tune into Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Episode 3 to see!

But until then, check out the clip below!

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