Jenelle Evans Files New Court Docs Blaming Jace, Barbara

Teen Mom alum, Jenelle Evans has filed new court documents which blame both her son and her mother. They were filed just days after Jace, 14, ran away for the third time. So, what exactly was in these docs? Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans Files New Court Docs Blaming Jace, Barbara

When Jace first ran away, Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara believed she knew why. She alleged that Jenelle had taken the teen off of his ADHD meds and stopped his therapy visits. Of course, Jenelle disputed this and said he actually had an appointment with the therapist. Then, when it happened a third time, Barbara was allegedly seen at the hospital where Jace was staying. Keep in mind that she had custody of him since he was a baby. It was not until early 2023 that Jenelle regained it after thirteen long years. While officials were trying to figure out why Jace ran away, another allegation came out.

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He claimed that his stepfather, David Eason had assaulted him thus why he left his home. Jace also said that he would run away once again if he was sent back. Now, according to Teen Mom Updates, Jenelle Evans supposedly filed court docs on October 3rd. This is another restraining order against her mother which did not work the first time around. Evans admitted that she did cease Jace’s meds and therapy saying it was unneeded. Additionally, she claimed that she did have Jace on the Internet but was in the dark as to where he was. Plus, CPS had stopped communication.


As for the hospital stay, Jenelle Evans states Barbara permitted Jace to have his meds once again, an antidepressant. Because of this, the former Teen Mom star says that her mother committed “bodily harm” against Jace. In terms of why he was in the hospital, Jenelle says it was due to Jace hurting himself, which is apparently untrue.

More Lies

There are also allegations that Barbara has created “false police reports.” Jenelle Evans adds: “the reports in return causes articles to be written and emotional distress and anxiety for my entire family.” There was an attempt for an emergency restraining order. However, Jenelle did drop it all but as it turns out, it seems that Jace has been placed back with Barbara. Though he is still in CPS custody, he will be staying with his grandmother for the foreseeable future. Jace can speak to Jenelle but it allegedly must be done by him and not the other way around. David is not permitted to have anything to do with his stepson.

Do you believe how this has all gone down and now, played out? More so, do you believe he is best with Barbara? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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