Kody Brown Closes Family Business After Christine’s Wedding

Kody Brown registered several family businesses over the years, but he just closed one of them down. It follows the news that Christine Brown tied the knot with David Woolley last weekend. Sister Wives fans are aware that the patriarch of the TLC show held down several jobs. Which business just got canned? Read on to find out

Kody Brown Has A Job Apart From Family Businesses

Before COVID, the spiritual husband of Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown worked in the field of collectibles. However, the pandemic, which he partly blamed for the dissolution of his marriages, killed that job. More recently, he was spotted selling guns at various gun shows. However as he once boasted, he has “many irons in the fire.” Of course, the Sister Wives show is probably his main income source, but he made provision for other income streams.

Most people who watch the TLC show are aware that in 2019, Kody Brown registered Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC. That company had all four of his then-wives listed as management of the business.  However, he also listed another company in 2022. Called “DABSARK Entertainment LLC,” The Ashley’s’ Reality Roundup reported the details. The outlet noted, “DABSARK,” stands for Dayton, Aurora, Briana, Solomon, Ari, Robyn, Kody.” Did he close that business?

Christine sells Plexus and Lularoa she also has an online tlc program cooking with Christine. Meri has the INN and sells Lularoa. Janelle is a certified lifestyle and fitness coach with a business called Strive and sells Plexus. Robyn just started a Dabsark with Kody.

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Kody Brown Closed Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC

An updated report by The Sun noted that “Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC” filed to shut down on “October 8.” Actually, the filing came just a day after Christine married David Woolley. Was the timing spiteful? Well, the outlet reported, “Despite the business being dissolved in Nevada, the company license is still active in Arizona, where he currently lives.” So, it’s not totally clear in detail.

Kody Brown clashed with his wives over Robyn – Sister Wives -TLC YouTube

Kody Brown probably wasn’t a happy person on the day that David Woolley married his former third wife. Possibly, with Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown now earning their own incomes, he wants to focus on protecting his assets for Robyn, his wife of choice. Naturally, Sister Wives fans are quite happy to slam him over DABSARK, because it specifically favors Robyn Brown and her kids.

Sister Wives Bad Dad Doesn’t Care?

The TLC star seems to have left his other kids by his former wives without financial stability. In Season 18, fans saw the bad side of Kody Brown’s parenting skills. As his lifestyle previously took him away for extended periods of time, he never really parented all his kids at once. Bitterness seems apparent, especially from Paedon, Christine’s son. Meanwhile, Janelle’s sons, Gabe and Garrison have clear disdain for their dad.

What are your thoughts about Kody Brown shutting down the business in Nevada that had all the wives registered as managers? How do you feel about DABSARK which favors only Robyn Brown and her kids?  Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for more spoilers about Sister Wives on TLC.

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