‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Uses Mark Consuelos As Punching Bag

Since taking over for Regis Philbin in 2011, Live’s Kelly Ripa seemed to burn through co-host as dozens of celebrities tried to fill the spot. Some names included Mario Lopez, Michael Strahan, and even Neil Patrick Harris. While Strahan filled the spot for a moment, the job transitioned to Ryan Seacrest before he also left the show in April 2023. Now, co-hosting with her husband, Mark Consuelos, the pair recently interviewed country singer Jessie James Decker when the discussion turned to children. Although lighthearted, Ripa repeatedly hit her husband when their own past took center stage.

Besides a music career, helming a reality show with her NFL husband, Eric Decker, Jessie is also a mother of three children with one on the way. But that didn’t include her reasoning for standing alongside Kelly Ripa. Appearing on Live! to promote her new book Just Eat, the country singer gracefully flashed her baby bump. With it being her fourth child, Ripa seemed to celebrate the occasion by hitting her husband four times.

“You Got Three”

But what exactly started the hitting? It appears that in the past Kelly Ripa wanted to add another child to their beautiful family. Already having three kids, just like Jessie Decker, Ripa turned to Consuelos, asking, “Remember when we talked about baby number four 30 years ago?” She followed the question with a fury of hits.

As if already knowing where the conversation was headed, Consuelos shared some insight into their marriage, admitting that he only wanted one child, adding “You got three”.

The exchange didn’t stop there as Jessie Decker asked why they didn’t decide to have a fourth child. Not wanting to give an answer, Kelly Ripa turned to her husband once again, saying “Well, talk to him”.

Taking the hint, Jessie Decker decided to change the subject to explain how happy she was to be meeting the Hollywood actor and Ripa.

Kelly Ripa Hints A Retirement

Although hosting Live! for two decades, Kelly Ripa’s future at the show might be coming to an end. When discussing retirement on her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, the host revealed to guest Ryan Seacrest her thoughts on retirement. After she revealed she “contemplates it constantly”, she added that she was getting “close” to making a decision.

To add fuel to the growing rumors about retirement, on Tuesday’s taping, Kelly Ripa appeared to have a mystery announcement to make. After waiting for a few seconds and looking past the camera, the host decided to stay quiet, saying, “I’ll save my thing for tomorrow.”

Weekend big house photo tour. Go blue pic.twitter.com/vZiqvHuoIU

— Kelly Ripa (@KellyRipa) September 25, 2023

Mark Consuelos chimed in, wanting to give his opinion, but Kelly Ripa shut him down, stating, “You’re going to have to save them for tomorrow. Too bad. Tough. Get over it.”

With Kelly Ripa discussing retirement, do you believe the host will announce her retirement from Live!? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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