‘Love Island’ USA Season 5: Clues Pop Up That Leo, Kassy Split

Love Island USA Season 5 ended with several successful couples. One of those couples was Kassy Castillo and Leo Dionicio, who were dealing with a long-distance relationship. Now clues are coming out these two have called it quits. Are they over? Right now, it looks that way.

Love Island Stars Leo And Kassy’s Instagram Clue

Leo and Kassy were following each other on Instagram of course. Now these two have stopped following each other. When you search for their followers, they do not follow each other. This is a huge clue that things might be over. When a couple calls it quits, they will unfollow each other so they don’t have to see things that will upset them. This could easily be what they did. Fans noticed this right away.

Both of them have also changed captions on their pictures as well. They used to be really lovey-dovey and they just aren’t anymore. So far, they haven’t removed the pictures of each other from their profiles yet. This could be coming next, though.

Kassy’s Subtle Instagram Clues

Another big clue that this Love Island couple is over came from a few things that Kassy was liking on Instagram. There were some comments that didn’t shed Leo in the best light. The Love Island star liked these comments. One said something about Leo not being a prize and that she would be better off without him. Fans are noticing that Kassy is liking these comments and think it means she is done with him. If they were still together, she obviously wouldn’t be liking comments that make her man look bad.

kassy and leo bones confirmed pic.twitter.com/mnxnq0YNop

— jake (@jakeelordi) October 11, 2023

There are a ton of comments on their posts from fans asking if they are still together, but so far Leo and Kassy aren’t answering them just yet. Last night on a Live, Leo stated that they were still together. These new clues came out today and since then neither one of them has given an update on their status. The fans are just going to have to wait for this couple to speak out.

Do you think that Love Island USA Season 5 couple Leo and Kassy are over? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Love Island Games when it starts airing on Peacock on November 1. This show will put past Love Island contestants together from various countries. There are some USA contestants on there, but none from Season 5 of the show.

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