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Melissa Gorga has been a Real Housewives star since 2011. At that time, she joined the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, where her “is bitch better” sister-in-law Teresa Giudice was already in place. With a love for Teresa’s brother, Joe Giudice, alongside fashion and music, Melissa’s addition made sense. However, Melissa quickly found herself defending her arrival, amongst other things, as Teresa was not pleased with this casting.

Annoyingly, 12 years later, these two women are still sparing. Honestly, we’re over it, we hate it here, and really, we don’t think that we are alone. Wisely though, most of their colleagues have remained neutral, minus the following four Real Housewives. Inserting their opinions, these sprinkle cookie supporters are dodging the flipped tables, aligning instead with the “On display, each and every daaaayyy” singer.

Margaret Josephs

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Within her cast, Melissa has always maintained a “ride or die” close friendship with Margaret Josephs. When Tre married Luis “Louie” Ruelas, Melissa and Joe skipped their nuptials, as the fighting had become explosive by this point, with cheating accusations in tow. Both of these things only served to further divide this family. However, Margaret fully supported Melissa and Joe’s decision to bail, even though she herself attended.

On the other side, Margaret and Teresa have always maintained a hot and cold relationship. One day they’re lunching together at Teresa’s, and the next, they’re spewing heated words that don’t always make sense. Just look at the Season 13 reunion, where Margaret mislabeled Teresa’s fans as “Tre Stumps” instead of “Tre Huggers.” Teresa quickly yelled back, “Look at how you look,” which made Margaret roll her eyes, as she now had to explain that she wasn’t calling Teresa a tree stump.

In turn, Melissa has also called out Margaret’s haters. However, Margaret was the source of a rotten rumor, which alleged that Melissa had kissed another man. Melissa laughed this off, which, we could never, but hey. Overall, from the fights that we’ve seen between Teresa and Margaret, it’s not shocking at all that Margaret has decided to land on team Melissa.

Rachel Fuda

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Rachel Fuda just joined the cast of RHONJ as Melissa’s friend. In doing so, Rachel claimed that Teresa wasn’t keen on sharing friends with her disliked sister-in-law, so she was automatically written off by Teresa. This early dismissal was frustrating for Rachel. She claimed that she wanted to give Teresa a fair chance, thinking that the pair had a lot in common as the wives of blended families.

This unexpected dismissal clearly bothered Rachel. The day before Teresa’s wedding, Rachel decided to also skip out. Speaking to E! News, Teresa stated “She told me the day before, I guess in support of Melissa.” With sons that are best friends and a solid friendship both pre and post filming, it’s clear that Teresa was right, and that Rachel is on team Melissa.

Gina Kirschenheiter


Teresa likely doesn’t even know who Gina Kirschenheiter is, yet, this Real Housewives of Orange County star has watched Tre, and she isn’t a fan of what she’s seen. On an episode of her Orange Country podcast, Gina chose to speak out on this longstanding feud. She began by stating that she is “actually a very big Melissa fan.” As for her thoughts on Teresa, Gina thinks that “Teresa is always wrong,” which she feels like Teresa will never cop to.

Gina has been calling out bad behaviors a lot over on her own series, which we’ve mostly loved. However, slamming other Real Housewives from across this messy Bravo franchise could backfire, but that’s Gina’s problem, not ours. Basically, in calling Melissa “very sweet” while also slamming Teresa on the side, it’s obvious that Gina would rather stand by Melissa.

Tamra Judge Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

If Tamra Judge‘s mouth is moving, it’s likely stirring a pot. Also starring on RHOC, Tamra spoke out on her RHONJ preferences, and she’s a Melissa stan, all the way.

The first time that Tammy Sue came for Teresa, it was through a rebuttal. You see, Tamra invited Caroline Manzo on her podcast. However, Caroline and Brandi Glanville are at odds over an alleged crossing of boundaries incidence while filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Brandi and Tamra are close, so Teresa found this in poor taste, calling Tamra a “bad friend.”

“Sit down, shut up like you’re doing right now at the reunion,” Tamra responded on her Two T’s In A Pod podcast. Explaining that she typically lets petty stuff roll off of her back (uh, since when?), Tamra said that on this, she just couldn’t stay silent. “Not today forehead, not today ding dong, not today jailbird—I’m not having it,” she expressed.

It doesn’t end here. During RHONJ Season 13, an episode aired where Teresa spoke Antonia Gorga’s name while fighting with Melissa, Antonia’s mother. Teresa was bothered that her niece failed to attend her daughter, Milania Giudice’s, birthday party. This involved Tamra zero, and yet, she had feelings over this matter, which she again brought up on her podcast.

“I am team—especially now—Melissa, one thousand percent. One thing that I really like about Joe and Melissa is they do not put their kids in the middle. And they do not say bad things about Teresa to their kids. And it’s nonstop. It’s like don’t get the kids involved, don’t do it,” Tamra stressed. Tamra is all in for team Melissa.


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