Ryan Boyajian Addresses Claims Made on Real Housewives of Orange County

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Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 is finally over and thank goodness. By the end of it, viewers were mostly exhausted from Tamra Judge’s mouth working overtime against Heather Dubrow.

When Fancy Pants wasn’t taking the heat, newbie Jennifer Pendranti was dodging bullets. From her ex-husband to her current boyfriend, no matter what Jenn did, she had to duck and cover. Now the infamous boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian is setting the record straight on the drama. BravoTV has the scoop.

In the beginning …

When Jenn wasn’t defending herself, she was defending her man. What a great way to start a Real Housewives career. Jennifer did not have a gentle start but after 837 episodes of being dragged, fans are seemingly on her side.

During part one of the RHOC Season 17 reunion, Big Daddy Andy Cohen revealed Jenn’s boyfriend Ryan was invited to attend. Ryan was an enormous source of controversy, for a photo of his penis, which for some reason shocked a cast of women who have met Brooks Ayers. While Ryan was welcome to join, he ultimately declined.

He and Jenn decided Ryan “obviously wanted to have the opportunity and the platform to speak the real truth” but maybe a stage full of haters wasn’t the right forum. The couple “didn’t feel the reunion was the right platform to do so.” Ryan added, “Had all of the other husbands and boyfriends been invited, I would’ve been there.”

The CUT Fitness of it all

He continued, “But this show is Jenn’s show, the focus should be on Jenn and the women, and me showing up there would been A), a distraction, and B), something that would’ve gotten into a war of words.” Jenn is definitely part of the show and it would be great to hear from her at some point.

Jennifer and Ryan first got together courtesy of the now-defunct CUT Fitness in early 2020. They both patronized Tamra’s gym and as a thank you she insulted them and disparaged their relationship. Thanks, Tammy Sue!

“Jenn and I, in the first maybe six months of me being at the gym, it went from ‘I don’t know her’ to ‘Hello,’ ‘Good morning,’ ‘Goodbye,’ to then we started to communicate,” Ryan explained.

He also acknowledged their “emotional affair” because Jennifer was legally married during that time. “Jenn and her husband had been sleeping in different bedrooms for, I don’t know, two years prior to that,” Ryan shared. Eventually, Jennifer left the spouse she didn’t like so she could freely hang out with the boyfriend she did like. Her divorce is still pending but almost complete.

Does Ryan want to bang Tammy Sue?

Let’s not forget Tamra is the most desirable woman in the world and everyone wants to sleep with her. The RHOC cast claimed Ryan sauntered into CUT the first time saying he “wanted to f-ck” Tammy Sue. Ryan says that “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Now what I did say, and this was said during the season, is when my friend called me that first day and said, ‘Tamra this, Tamra that…’, what I responded is something to the effect of, ‘She’s actually much prettier in person than she is on TV, ’cause that’s the first time I had ever seen her, that specific day,” Ryan clarified.

And let’s not forget, Ryan used to be a friend of Eddie Judge and Tammy Sue’s. Until he needed to be used as fodder for Tamra’s storyline. He had even planned a trip to Cabo with friends when Eddie and Tamra pretty much invited themselves. “Tamra and Eddie came up to me at their gym and said ‘We’d like to come to Cabo with you!’ I did not invite them,” Ryan confirmed. Ooooo, I bet as soon as Tamra’s intestines are untwisted, she’s going to hop on that one.


Ryan proceeds to spill on Cabo. “So, we all went to Cabo. And you would think if I actually said any of these things to Tamra at her gym … and/or somebody came up to Eddie in my backyard and said, ‘Watch out for your wife, Ryan wants to f-ck her,’ why would they get on an airplane with us and go to Cabo and spend four days in Mexico with us if I’m wanting to solicit Tamra in some odd way?” Also, Ryan shared he considered Eddie a buddy and “I would think if any of that was said three and a half years ago, he would’ve brought that to my attention.”

Apparently there was no other woman. “I did not sleep with any other woman. I did not do anything of the sort with another woman at her gym.” He did hook-up with some lady at one point but he and Jenn were ON A BREAK.

All’s Well That Ends Well

All of the mess Jenn and Ryan went through apparently worked in their favor. “The silver lining in the season is that everything has only brought Jenn and I’s relationship closer,” Ryan noted.

“This season wasn’t easy for Jenn and I, [but] with that said, we are so grateful for the opportunity.” Viewers also came around to Jenn’s side after Tamra was just too extra, and Ryan definitely appreciates the support.

“If anything, this experience has just confirmed how strong our relationship and our foundation is. We’ve both learned so much and we are hopeful for another opportunity to show the fans and viewers our real love and the dynamic of our blended families.”

Going forward, Ryan and Jenn are feeling positive. “We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming our way in the next year with Jenn, the kids, and I moving in together, getting engaged, and married.” Wonder if Tamra will get a wedding invite.


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