SBS On Demand: Hidden Assets, Piste Noire, Thicker Than Water

Released today at SBS On Demand are Irish crime drama Hidden Assets, French crime drama Piste Noire, and Swedish-Finnish mystery Thicker Than Water.

Thursday, 12 October 2023:

Hidden Assets
Season 2
All six episodes available.
Bibi arrives at her father-in-law Richard’s memorial service, hoping to see her son. When she’s blocked from entering by his business partner, Bibi is warned that any deals with Richard died with him. Bibi returns to Ireland, only to have her car bombed. Fearing her enemies are tying up loose ends, Bibi approaches the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and proposes a deal: protection and immunity from prosecution in return for information. But there have been changes in CAB and the new team is less than thrilled to deal with Bibi – until a cyber-attack puts everyone’s lives at risk.

Piste Noire
All six episodes available. In French with English subtitles.
When a local worker is found murdered in his caravan, ski-champion-turned-police-officer Emilie discovers behind the beauty of the icy mountains lies a dangerous conspiracy. Emilie joins forces with Major Servoz, a disillusioned local gendarme, and they soon discover a link between the crime and local drug dealers. Then Emilie uncovers evidence that brings the case far too close to home: her brother may be the murderer.

Thicker Than Water
(Season 3)
All seven episodes available. In Swedish with English subtitles.
Three years have passed, and the Waldemar siblings are asked to visit by their mother. They gather at the family lodging house on Sunnanö, where buried secrets and old injustices threaten them, not to mention new mistakes and drastic consequences.

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