Survivor – 45.03 – Recap (Spoilers Ahead!)

The third episode of Survivor Season 45, “No Man Left Behind,” begins with the two tribes, Lairo and Vokai, competing in a reward challenge. The challenge requires the tribes to hook a win in order to earn a large feast. Lairo struggles to get their hooks in the right position, while Vokai quickly takes the lead. Despite a valiant effort from Lairo, Vokai wins the challenge and enjoys a feast of burgers, fries, and soda.

Back at Lairo, the tribe is feeling the effects of their loss. Tensions are high, and alliances are starting to form. Tiffany and Xander are on the outs, and they know they need to find a way to stay in the game. Meanwhile, Evvie and Naseer are forming a strong bond, and they are quickly becoming a power duo.

At Vokai, the tribe is enjoying their feast, but they are also aware that they need to start thinking about the game. Danny and DeShawn are worried about their position in the tribe, and they know they need to start making moves if they want to stay in the game. They decide to target Sydney, who they see as a potential threat.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes must race through an obstacle course and solve a puzzle. Vokai takes an early lead, but Lairo quickly catches up. In the end, it’s Lairo who wins the challenge, sending Vokai to tribal council.

At tribal council, the tribe is divided. Danny and DeShawn are pushing to vote out Sydney, while others are hesitant to make a big move so early in the game. In the end, the tribe decides to vote out Danny, who they see as a physical threat.

Now that we are three episodes in, who do you think will emerge as the strongest player in Survivor Season 45?

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