Wells Adams Shares His Vision Of ‘Golden Bachelor In Paradise’

Wells Adams has been dreaming of a Golden Bachelor In Paradise spinoff that looks completely different from BIP as we know it. Keep reading for what he’s planning.

Did ABC Greenlight Golden Bachelor In Paradise?

In 2020, ABC plotted a new take on The Bachelor franchise by featuring a lead and contestants in their senior years instead of 20-somethings. Three years later, The Golden Bachelor made its debut and gave the network some of its best ratings in franchise history.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the Sept. 28 season premiere episode just hit 9 million viewers across multiple platforms. The season’s fourth episode airs on Oct. 12, but viewers are already begging for a Golden Bachelorette spinoff.

Could the entire franchise turn Golden with a spinoff featuring rejected contestants giving love another chance on a beach in Mexico?

ABC has yet to confirm either spinoff, but that won’t stop Wells Adams from creating a Golden Bachelor In Paradise in his head.

Fans Compare Golden Bachelor to The Bachelor

For longtime Bachelor Nation fans, The Golden Bachelor is a welcome reprieve from the drama and cat-fighting of The Bachelor and the tawdriness of Bachelor In Paradise.

Even non-Bachelor fans are tuning in for the first time. Fans love the wholesome way the female contestants support each other instead of fighting and backstabbing like the younger generation does.

Adams agrees that the Bachelor In Paradise format wouldn’t work for the senior set, so he came up with his own ideas.

Wells Adams’ Vision for Golden BIP

Wells Adams has been the BIP bartender/therapist since Season 4. He’s back again on Season 9, sharing advice for the first time as a married man. Bachelor Nation’s favorite bartender married Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland in 2022.

you would think that jar would be a lot fuller after all the advice @wellsadams gives #BachelorInParadise pic.twitter.com/qW8PQOiDeK

— Bachelor in Paradise (@BachParadise) October 7, 2023

Wells Adams has seen it all on Bachelor In Paradise. That’s why he doesn’t think a Mexican beach is the right place for a Golden spinoff.

He shared his thoughts in an interview with Parade magazine. “It needs to happen in Florida or in Scottsdale (Arizona) or in Palm Springs (California),” Adams offered as alternate locations.

He added, “We need to be filming it there, preferably in an older age home or a La Quinta [resort] situation where everyone needs to be riding around in golf carts.”

The young BIP contestants typically spend the day lounging on the beach, but Wells Adams thinks the older contestants would be better suited to a “shuffleboard court” or “Bingo.”

In fact, he suggested the winner of Bingo would win more time with whoever was hosting the game.

Golden Bachelor viewers may have noticed that Gerry Turner and the ladies prefer to toast with orange juice in their glasses instead of champagne.

The resident BIP bartender suggests stocking the bar with “Mylanta and Tums.”

Eliminated contestants on the regular show are taken away by limo. For a Golden Bachelor In Paradise spinoff, Wells Adams has a better idea. “If you don’t get a rose, you have to leave in a golf cart.”

What do you think of Wells Adams’ vision of a Golden Bachelor In Paradise? Would you watch it?

Don’t miss ABC’s Bachelor Nation Thursdays. The Golden Bachelor kicks things off at 8 PM Eastern time, followed by two hours of Bachelor In Paradise.

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