Why RHONY Fans Are Obsessed With Brynn Whitfield’s Apartment

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Love her or hate her, Brynn Whitfield is an undeniably compelling addition to Real Housewives of New York. Along with her bubbly personality, Brynn’s sense of style has also taken center stage. Though fans don’t always love her outfits, they are absolutely gaga for Brynn’s apartment.

In August, Brynn’s apartment was the subject of a stunning interior design feature, but recently, the spread caused a stir on Reddit. While Brynn is often the source of intense criticism on social media, in the nearly 300 comment-filled thread, fans overwhelmingly praised her pad. Seriously, the thread has to be at least 95-percent positive comments, which is surprisingly high approval for any discussion of any of the Real Housewives

Brynn’s 1-bedroom rented West Village apartment certainly makes an impact, and there are surprises to be found everywhere. Muted rose-painted kitchen with black and white tiles? It actually works! The moody boudoir? Super chic. And the lofted shoe storage? Yes please! 

The space is elegant without being stuffy and cozy without being cluttered, so it’s no surprise that fans are legit obsessed. Brynn may not be the most popular recent addition to RHONY, but her apartment’s exceptional style is something that pretty much all fans can agree on. Unfortunately, the building management won’t let Bravo film in Brynn’s apartment, so viewers won’t get to see it on the show any time soon. But through pictures fans can (and have) gush over Brynn’s sick place.

Brynn Is a DIY Queen

Brynn Whitfield/Instagram

One of the aspects that fans appreciate the most is that Brynn did a lot of the renovating herself. Not only did she take a DIY approach, she did it on the cheap. The black and white kitchen tiles are peel-and-stick and were ordered off of Amazon. Brynn also opted for thrift stores and flea markets for much of her decor.

“My favorite part about this is she is a DIYer!!,” one commenter exclaimed, pointing out all the work that Brynn did to the kitchen floors, cabinets, and the shoe loft in her bedroom. Other fans praised Brynn’s handcrafted picture molding in the kitchen.

Overall, fans are quite impressed with how much Brynn accomplished all on her own. 

The Apartment Shows Another Side of Brynn Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Brynn’s apartment is undeniably gorgeous, but for many fans, it’s surprising and not how they pictured the flirty RHONY star’s home. One commenter dropped the backhanded compliment, “Very mature. Not at all like her teenage humor of sexualizing everything.” Some fans expected Brynn’s place would be more “whimsical, eclectic, and colorful.” Instead, they’re impressed that she took an “elevated (but still modern and young) design approach.”

The fans do have a point. Brynn’s on-screen persona is generally very bubbly and girly, with her favoring bubblegum pink and sexy black in her confessionals. But this apartment reflects a different side to her style and personality. 

It’s not just the elegant and sophisticated decor that paints Brynn in a different light. Many fans were surprised that she lives in a cozy 1-bedroom and that it’s a rental. It’s not quite what you’d expect from one of the Real Housewives. What’s also unexpected is Brynn’s modest closet. While her co-star, Jenna Lyons, has an apartment that’s approximately 50% closet, Brynn keeps much of her wardrobe in a storage unit, or in bins hidden under her bed.

Brynn’s Home Demonstrates Impeccable Style Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Obviously, the number-one reason that fans are obsessed with Brynn’s apartment is that it’s stu-NING! Commenters came fast and furious with their praise and compliments. “Give me AAAALL those moody colors babe!!,” one fan wrote, echoing other commenters who adore Brynn’s color decisions.

“It’s beautiful, no notes,” another commenter added. One fan said Brynn’s apartment “feels so warm and cozy. I bet it smells like cinnamon.” It’s truly amazing just how much Brynn’s style resonated with fans in the thread. There were almost no disparaging comments about her decorating skills (though some took shots at her on-screen behavior).

Brynn’s apartment is beautiful, sophisticated, and unexpected—it’s rocketed her into the upper echelon of stylish Real Housewives. A savvy commenter noted that Brynn’s apartment “feels like a dream…compared to other housewives’ tacky homes,” and I couldn’t agree more.

There’s certainly more to Brynn than meets the eye, and her home is just another example of her surprising depth.


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