Why ‘Sister Wives’ Is Coming Back For Season 19

Sister Wives fans are enjoying Season 18, but it seems like the end of the show. All of Kody Brown’s wives but Robyn are leaving him and nobody wants to watch a show just about Robyn and Kody. So why would the show come back for Season 19 and is it? Well, it looks that way!

What Would Season 19 Be About?

Season 18 was filmed a long time ago, so Season 19 would be updates since the wives left Kody. Viewers want to know how they are all doing now. Christine Brown has moved on and married David Woolley. Fans want to see them dating and they were spotted with a camera crew. There is even speculation that they are going to get a wedding special. The police were even there to protect them on their wedding day.

Meri Brown and Janelle Brown have moved on. Neither one has admitted to dating yet, but how are they doing without Kody? The viewers want to see how their lives are now that they are single and don’t have to answer to Kody Brown.ey

Of course, they would also continue to update fans on the kids and how they are doing. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be too much of Robyn and Kody, but you know there would be a little bit of how their lives are now that Kody only has one wife.

Proof It Is Coming Back

There is some proof that the show is coming back for Season 19. Cameras and microphones have been spotted around the Brown family. At Christine Brown’s wedding, there were camera crews all around. This could be for Season 19 or for a wedding special, but regardless they are coming back for something to do with the wedding. You can see it in the picture below.

TLC Sister Wives Wedding Venue Photo Christine Brown Reddit

That isn’t all though. When Gwendlyn Brown got married, they had mics on at the wedding. This was obviously because they were recording for the show. Her wedding isn’t a big enough event to get its own special. Meri and Leon were both seen with microphones. David has also been seen with a camera on him at Christine’s home. It looks like Season 19 is happening!

Are you surprised to hear that Sister Wives wasn’t canceled and it looks like it will be back for Season 19? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. CST on TLC.

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