60 Minutes: Oct 15

Sunday’s 60 Minutes looks at the outcome of the Referendum plus the latest developments in Israel and Gaza and Sarah Abo on winning the war on drugs.

What Now?
“Yes” or “No”? On 60 Minutes, Amelia Adams reports on the Voice referendum and asks what the outcome of the vote now means for Australia’s First Nations people.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producer: Natalie Clancy

Hell in the Holy Land
The unfolding horror in the Holy Land has stunned the world. Tara Brown reports on the latest developments in Israel and Gaza, and interviews high-ranking officials on both sides of the conflict, including a senior leader of Hamas and a retired Israeli army general and Mossad chief.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Naomi Shivaraman

Cops v Cartels
More than a million Australians use cocaine every year. The white powder costs more than gold, but it’s a price that consumers are happy to pay. Happier still are the bosses of the international drug cartels who are reaping enormous riches, despite state and federal law enforcement agencies doing all they can to stop cocaine getting into the country. How the officers go about their work is mostly done in secret. But not always. On 60 Minutes, Sarah Abo goes inside the Australian Border Force battle to outwit the criminals responsible for smuggling massive amounts of illegal narcotics.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producers: Serge Negus, Sammi Taylor

For Dad
The very best athletes in the world all know success is not achieved without pain. The relentless preparation and training needed to make it to the top of any sport hurts. But the agony Australia’s backstroke golden girl, Kaylee McKeown, has endured is much more than physical. Three years ago, on the cusp of her Olympic debut, her dad Sholto died. The heartbreak of losing him could so easily have ended Kaylee’s swimming career. Instead, she did something remarkable. On assignment for 60 Minutes, Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys reports how Kaylee turned her sorrow into a superhuman strength.
Reporter: Sylvia Jeffreys
Producer: Natalie Clancy

8:35pm Sunday on Nine.

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