‘AGT’ Howie Mandel Breaks Silence About Serious Marital Issues

When Howie Mandel, 67, exchanged vows with his beloved wife, Terry, he had his best intentions at heart and never planned for things to become miserable. But as it turns out, the America’s Got Talent judge had been struggling with a disorder. It became so bad that it almost ended his marriage. Read on to find out more.

Howie Mandel Gets Diagnosed With a Mental Disorder

According to The Sun, the media personality was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in his late 40s.

Howie Mandel – YouTube

Despite identifying the issue, Mandel was adamant about seeking professional help. He didn’t want to disclose the mental issue to anyone.

Howie Mandel’s Disorder Became a Problem to His Family

The AGT judge who once received backlash from AGT fans due to his ‘risky behavior, couldn’t stand a lot of normal stuff going around the house. He couldn’t hold items that were handed to him. Mandel was so obsessed with cleanliness that he would throw out toys that had touched the ground.

Terry, Mandel’s wife, couldn’t stand him any longer. She gave Mandel the ultimatum to seek professional help for his OCD or leave him. She argued that she couldn’t let her kids lead miserable lives.

Howie Mandel Fights For His Family

After getting diagnosed with OCD, Mandel sought professional help to keep his family. He also wanted to get better and lead a better life. Mandel is now more than ever vocal about OCD.

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The entertainer said he was initially embarrassed about the mental disorder but has since overcome it. The media personality uses his witty nature to discuss mental health and create awareness.

How Does It Feel To Be Howie Mandel?

Without a doubt, Mandel feels grateful to have a blessed life. Nonetheless, his battle with mental health can take a toll on him. He explains what it’s like to have OCD by saying that one can’t control their obsessive thoughts. With a normal person, you could simply stop thinking about a certain thing that’s been disturbing you. Despite his mind being a war zone, the judge continues to fight for himself and his loved ones.

Howie Mandel Talks About Recovery and Support

The 67-year-old entertainer is grateful for the unwavering support he has received from his wife. She pushed him to get professional help, even if it took a few threats. Terry also helped him stay positive throughout his treatment. The entertainer takes his medication as prescribed and attends his therapy sessions faithfully. He has since managed to handle his emotions better and save his marriage.

Is Howie Mandle brave for coming out with his mental disorder? Did he make the right choice seeking treatment to save his family and marriage? Are mental disorders taken seriously? Share your thoughts in the comment section and follow TV Shows Ace for more news.


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