‘Big Brother’ Matt Klotz Finds Houseguest’s ‘Whispering’ Offensive

Given the amount of money on the line, tensions in the Big Brother house can rise and even boil over. But for gold medalist Matt Klotz, the breaking point for him during Thursday’s episode centered around his disability and other players whispering. Again, contestants who find themselves inside the house learn the importance of secrets and whispering. With little room for privacy, whispering could mean a new alliance, more rumors, or the end of the road. Still, Klotz appeared to break down after 72 days inside the house.

Besides being an Olympic swimmer, Matt Klotz is also the first deaf player to participate in the Big Brother house. Although he can read lips and uses a hearing aid during regular conversation, he admitted that the whispering sounds like “hard breathing.”

While in the diary room, he explained, “It’s super offensive and the number one thing not to do around someone that’s deaf or hard of hearing. It’s hard in this house. That’s what 80 percent of the game is.”

“I just Hate It”

Somewhat defeated about the whispering and disadvantage he has in the house, Matt Klotz confided with fellow contestant Jag Bains. Speaking in the Head of the House room, he said, “I’m at the point where I’m just pissed at the whispering right now. I just hate it.” Jag encouraged him as he seemed to break down. Jad noted that he was still doing a good job at the game.

Matt Klotz reiterated how offensive the whispering is with fellow houseguest Felicia Cannon. While understanding his stance, Cannon praised his efforts, “You don’t know what you’ve accomplished. You’ve become a voice for a whole community. Look at you! You opened a window of opportunity. Everybody that you know is proud of you.”

Big Brother Producers Accommodations For Matt Klotz

While Matt Klotz feels the stress of Big Brother, the executive producers altered the house to make his stay there more accommodating. One of the producers, Allison Grodner admitted to changing how they interact with the contestants, especially in the Diary Room.

For this, chief engineer David Crivelli explained how they had to seal every space between the doors, making sure no sound escaped. After that, an ultrasound speaker was positioned over the Klotz’s head. Crivelli said, “By modulating the audio on to the ultrasound, you create waves of sound that are very directional.”

With Matt Klotz’s disability, Grodner shared that the houseguest didn’t want a great deal of help. As for some of the competitions, Grodner added, “We’re here to help accommodate those as much as we can within the Big Brother game and make it as much of a level playing field as we possibly can within the constraints of the game…”

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