Field Day Exclusive Clip: Hallmark Urges You to Fall Into Love with Female Friendship

Hallmark’s latest autumn offering, airing Saturday, October 14 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel, reminds us of the very best the season has to offer. Fall colors elicit the coziness of the season, and when they talk about pumpkin, you will swear you can smell it in the air.

Field Day follows a budding female friendship forming between three moms when they find themselves volunteering for what everyone considers the worst Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) committee.

Rachel Boston, Shannon Chen-Kent, and Carmel Amit star in this movie, poised to become an annual classic.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that planning a school event is hard!

Not only do you want to make your school proud, but you want to be seen as competent in the eyes of your fellow school parents and cool in your kids’ eyes.

Jen (Rachel Boston) and her daughter have just moved to town, so making an impression counts.

But every day isn’t equal, and when Jen’s day starts on a rough note, she’s thrust into the impossible position of making her first impression on fellow parents in an unflattering light.

It also means she’s left with the worst possible volunteer committee — field day.

Luckily, she’s not alone. Marissa (Carmel Amit) wasn’t on her toes, either, and will be working alongside Jen to pull off the impossible. Then there’s Kelly (Shannon Chen-Kent), who was on the ball but on the wrong side of the PTO president.

Together, these three women will discover you can find the best in life by tackling the seemingly impossible.

Jen, Marissa, and Kelly will find a friendship that will last a lifetime and maybe even love, to boot.

Field Day is one of the latest Hallmark originals to showcase the satisfying bonds of female friendship.

Hallmark has been known for its love stories, but not all love is romantic.

The love friends share transcends romance, culture, marital status, education, and everything in between.

Jen, Kelly, and Marissa are unlikely friends. If not for their similar adventures in parenting and the PTO, they may never have crossed paths, let alone become friends.

Field Day does an excellent job of showing how finding common ground can build unexpected and lasting relationships and how friendships can change your life forever.

Because of her comfortable on-screen presence, Rachel Boston has become a Hallmark favorite, starring in some of its most beloved movies, including Dating the Delaneys and Christmas in Angel Falls. She’s the friend we all want to have.

Benjamin Ayres, who plays Dan, a school teacher and Jen’s love interest, starred with Alison Sweeney on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series Chronicle Mysteries and has appeared in numerous other films. He’s known for bringing characters to life with surprising warmth and compassion.

While they’re Hallmark regulars, this is only the second Hallmark appearance for Shannon Chen-Kent (her first was A Big Fat Family Christmas) and the first for Carmel Amit.

It’s always so exciting when seasoned talent works with talent new to the genre, and Chen-Kent and Amit prove they’ve got just the right notes to make Hallmark their home for a very long time.

Capitalizing on the Julie Sherman Wolfe (A Holiday Spectacular, You, Me & the Christmas Trees) script, the friendship that unfolds on screen is incredibly genuine and, like with so many Hallmark originals, begs for further adventures.

Director David Winning, who has many Hallmark originals under his belt, has previously directed Wolfe’s You, Me & the Christmas Trees, in which Ayres starred.

Working with familiar faces on new projects, the cast and crew develop a type of shorthand that projects beautifully on screen, and although there are always new faces in the mix, that familiarity works in Hallmark‘s favor.

We spoke with Winning in an interview we will run tomorrow, and he agrees that this story might be only the beginning for Jen, Kelly, and Marissa.

When you watch tomorrow and chat with the creatives on X (formerly known as Twitter), share your enthusiasm so that everyone knows how much you adore the movie. Viewers hold the cards to get more content they love!

Now for the really good news!

We’ve got a special goodie just for you! In this TV Fanatic exclusive clip of Field Day, you can get a taste of the burgeoning friendship between Marissa, Kelly, and Jen.

Here’s one thing everyone should know — field day is a massive endeavor. With only three volunteers, a successful event might be unachievable.

Find out below what lengths this trio of moms will go to get more people on the field to make the event truly spectacular!

Field Day premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, October 14 at 8/7c.

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