Jenelle Evans’ Hubby Kicked Out Of Court

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans’ hubby, David Eason was recently kicked out of court. Just what exactly was he doing at the courthouse, to begin with? More so, why did he even get kicked out? Read on for more details on the situation.

Jenelle Evans’ Hubby Kicked Out Of Court

It has been a rough several weeks for Jenelle Evans. Her son, Jace, 14, ran away for the third time. Though she said the following day that he had been located and was safe, she left out a few details. Jace alleged that the reason he ran away was because he had been assaulted by David Eason, his stepfather. Therefore, CPS got involved and it became even more serious than anyone probably imagined. More so, Jace supposedly said that, if he was sent home, he would run away again. Therefore, this is not a claim to be taken lightly.


Just a few days after he ran away, Jenelle filed court docs, which she later dropped claiming Jace had hurt himself. There were more claims made by the mother of three but for now, her eldest child is back staying with his grandmother, Barbara, who raised him. However, Jenelle Evans did have to appear in court on Wednesday, October 11th, per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. Apparently, she was there for custody of Jace but her husband, David was her escort. This would be fine if rules had not been set in place. Jenelle cannot have contact with Jace; he must do it on his own.

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As for David, he can have nothing to do with Jace. Therefore, when he showed up to a court hearing regarding the teen, this was cause for immediate removal. An insider shared this with The Ashley: “The people at court were shocked when David walked in. The Easons are very well known around here, obviously, and [we] couldn’t believe it when he showed up, considering what’s going on right now.”

Stay Away

The insider further reiterated that David Eason could not have contact with Jace after the alleged assault incident. Furthermore, it was emphasized how an investigation is ongoing. An additional insider added: “Because Jace told [the court] about the [alleged] assault on him by David, as well as other [alleged] abuse of the other kids, the detective was asking for documentation and other items.” Everything is still going and “ramping up.”

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At this point, it seems that Jenelle Evans’ youngest kids will be talked to, without her or David present. This was apparently something the couple never would have allowed but now they do not have a choice. Even Jace apparently asked to speak away from his mom in another room. No doubt this will get messy but hopefully only the best is done for Ensley, Kaiser, and Jace.

Do you understand why David was kicked out of the courtroom? More so, do you think he has no regard for authority? Let us know in the comments below.

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