JoJo Fletcher Talks Of ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ Possibility

The Bachelorette Season 12 lead JoJo Fletcher recently dished her true feelings on the newest addition to the Bachelor Nation franchise. Moreover, The Bachelor Season 20 personality also shared if she thinks the franchise should expand further with The Golden Bachelorette as well.

Does The Golden Bachelor have JoJo’s stamp of approval? And, does she want The Golden Bachelorette to happen? Keep reading for all the details.

The Golden Bachelor: Newest Addition To The Franchise

It was on September 28th that The Golden Bachelor premiered on ABC. With 72-year-old Gerry Turner as the lead, this spin-off features a cast of gorgeous women in their “golden years” of life who are looking for love. For many, The Golden Bachelor was a welcomed addition to the spin-off.

JoJo Fletcher Dishes True Feelings On The Golden Bachelor

Turns out, JoJo Fletcher is among the fans of Bachelor Nation who welcomed Golden Bachelor into the franchise. JoJo believes the new spin-off offers a level of authenticity that is far beyond anything Bachelor, Bachelorette, or even Bachelor in Paradise has been able to offer.

The former lead of The Bachelorette Season 12 sat down with The Messenger recently to get real with how she felt about The Golden Bachelor.

For starters, JoJo Fletcher had a confession to make. Turns out, this was the first time in a while she was excited about the premiere of a new season. She confessed: “I gotta tell you this is the first season that I have not missed the premiere.”

JoJo proceeded to clarify that she always keeps up with what’s going on in new seasons of shows within the Bachelor Nation franchise. She, however, has never followed a season as intently as she’s been keeping up with the first season of The Golden Bachelor. She added that she just absolutely loves the show.

Continuing to talk to The Messenger, JoJo Fletcher explains there really isn’t anything she doesn’t like about the newest addition to the franchise.

These people in this phase of their life, they’re not putting on a front. They’re not putting on a show. They’re exactly who they are. They are not there for Instagram followers or fame. It’s just the most genuine, authentic, wholesome show that I’ve seen in a while and I think people are loving it.

She Wants The Golden Bachelorette To Happen

Naturally, JoJo Fletcher adds that it only makes sense for The Golden Bachelor to be followed by The Golden Bachelorette.

She fully believes she will enjoy that spin-off as much as she enjoys this one. In fact, JoJo believes this spin-off is the best thing the franchise has ever done. So, she’s happy to support a Bachelorette spin-off and additional seasons in any way she can.

It has to go Golden Bachelor then Golden Bachelorette and 100 percent I am here to support. I’m here to be involved because I think this is one of the greatest things the show has done ever.”

What do you think about what JoJo Fletcher had to say about The Golden Bachelor? Do you agree that it feels more authentic than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

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